Redstone Rules Violation Procedure

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    as the new redstone rules are now in force and several warnings have been handed out, we thought it would be useful to explain how we will be handling any builds which breach these rules.

    When we notice a build which does not comply with the rules, the owner will receive a warning and five days to modify their build to meet the rules.

    If they fail to do so within five days, they will receive a second warning and another five days to adjust their build.

    If they decide not to modify their build after two warnings and at least ten days, they will be banned for one week. Additionally, any entities over the limit will be deleted along with any items they may contain.

    We hope we don't have to delete any entities. As a reminder the limits can be found here.
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  2. I do think the punishment is good but I think it would be good to maybe try message the player on discord or forum if the mods know they have a profile on it because they might be inactive during the period when a mod finds there redstone that doesn't comply with the rules.
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