Redstone Channel in Discord?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Tanthalas, Feb 25, 2021.

  1. Tanthalas

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    There are a lot of talented redstoners on Safe Survival - it would be cool if we had a place to connect and geek out on the Discord without scaring the other players with complicated discussions. Could we maybe open up a new redstone channel on the discord server, please?
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  2. I feel like this post is because of me talking to crange about redstone farms, sorry if i scared anyone xD
  3. doubex1

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    At this point I we probably wont be adding a Redstone channel, since there are many other channels that are multi-purpose such as #art-and-creations as well as places on the forums which can be used. We want to minimize the amount of channels moderators have to moderate, as well as provide multipurpose channels. If we were to create a Redstone channel we would have to also create a very long list of other channels at the request of other players. Most of which probably would only be used every other month, as there is always that one channel and the last post is from a month ago lol. In my opinion the channels now fulfill multiple categories.
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  4. I think a redstone channel would be a great addition considering a lot of people want to learn how to create shops and do redstone for their base/project. Especially with the new rules, people can help others come up with something that works the best. That alone, on top of the endless amount of things you can do with redstone, deserves it's own channel in my opinion - you can't compare it to any other channels that players would want to add to the discord server.
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