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  1. Shazepe

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    Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday I randomly placed 21 chests throughout the main world with special loot inside.

    10 of the chests are called "Billy Chests" and contain ~5 valuables and they all have 1 totem of undying in them.

    10 more called "Villager Chests" have valuables as well, but do not include a totem of undying

    1 Top Secret chest that was hidden has a totem of undying, along with many other valuables.

    The chests have a sign that say "Free to take - Shaztopia" on them, they are normal wooden chests with no structures around them. None are at spawn or any other admin claims, they are randomly placed in many different biomes.

    The Villager chests are more in the open, and the Billy Chests are a bit harder to find but are all above ground. Imo searching for them all day might not be the best method, they're meant to be randomly stumbled upon, good luck everyone!

    Here's an example of what one of the chests look like:

    Chests Remaining

    Billy Chests: 10 of 10 still remain
    Villager Chests: 6 of 10 still remain
    Top Secret Chest: Still remains
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  2. RunE

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    This is a very simple but cool thing to spice it up a little. I like!
    Please post some pictures if you find a chest.
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  3. Durpy

    Durpy Veteran

  4. Are you likely to find them by elytraing over the world? Also are any near claimed?
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  5. SkyFlower

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  6. Are they placed like out in the open in plains or are they in forests and under trees
  7. I was running around looking for the treasure chests but stopped and went afk and when I got back I ran a few more blocks and found one!
  8. Very nice. Of course, Jodie will have found every other one by now.
  9. louloubel

    louloubel Moderator Moderator

    GreenieHD found a villager chest! will post screenshots on the discord :)
  10. Can we get an update on if these are all found / how many left ?
    Also if you find 1 please post that it was found.
    Can just see people still looking after all have been found.
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  11. Found one a few days ago been spending hours looking for another xD
  12. Got online last night supposed to work on this project of mine. Read this thread and my productivity instantly dropped to zero XD
  13. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    updating with remaining number of chests
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  14. Durpy

    Durpy Veteran

    16 diamonds
    totem of undying
    Regeneration Potion
    Diamond Chestplate
    Music Disk
    Zombie Egg
    24 Iron

    For 4 hours of flying, and over 10 stacks of rockets, I dont suggest going on the adventure its quite underwhelming.

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  15. Oof
  16. lol she would have with her cheats
  17. Don't be so envious. Only blame Jodie for the things she's truly accountable for, like SPOILING SPLEEF FOR ME FOREVER. 9'6!5/6$$*!3'[email protected]("/!3$5$5,"*:-(/
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  18. *fingers twitch towards ChestESP button*
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  19. Have the chests all been found yet?

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