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Would you support removing warps in favor of rails?

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  1. Notupus

    Notupus Recruit

    I've been thinking of a rail transport system on the server on both nether and overworld. It would be a great way of removing warps and using the world way more efficiently. The downside is that it would need a lot of community support. I'm posting a poll too.
  2. A large part about warps is the ease of using them in a short amount of time. By doing this, it would reduce the number of shops and player builds and qute frankly remove some of the ease of warps.
  3. I am against the removal of warps as they are more efficient but perhaps a community project to have rails from warps outward to promote growth outside of the limited zones next to warps?
  4. Crange

    Crange Villager

    Well, before the reset, we had a pretty decent nether highway network connecting all warps together. Most highways used boats on packed/blue ice since it's quite a bit faster than rails. I'm hoping to replicate that on this map.
  5. Rails are literally one of the slowest methods of travel in Minecraft. They are exceedingly expensive and have very limited use. An ice path in the nether is a much better option, although I never really used it anyhow, so I could care less. :)
  6. Tau434

    Tau434 Veteran

    Basically what’s Thomas said.

    Even at its most stable, SS didn’t handle rails well. The rail network to the ocelot spawner alone took ages - and was super laggy. Newbies usually stuck with horses - and the vast majority used elytra to get around. Thus I imagine most players would forgo the network in favor of some rockets.

    I’m actually a big fan of non-teleporting transportation. M53 did a pretty good job of building an overworked highway system that linked 6-8k of the area north of spawn. But truth is most players don’t use it and probably wouldn’t as it’s more scenic than efficient.
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  7. Well, the Ocelot Rail line was several thousand blocks long, so yeah it took a few minutes. But I thoughtfully provided a sethome there, so you typically only needed to use it once.

    There are at least two things I prefer about rail lines over ice highways with boats:

    1) Minecart management can be completely automated - for the Ocelot Rail system, you pushed a button to summon a cart, climbed in, and push another button to send yourself off. At that point, you could just sit back and wait for your arrival at the other end, where you were automatically ejected from the cart. The cart would then be broken down and dropped into a chest, for my convenient retrieval to the start of line. Not as easy to do that with a boat.

    2) You don't need to do anything once the ride begins - you can go afk and grab a soda, while you wait to arrive. (Just like a real train.) Try doing that with a boat.

    Besides, what's more scenic than an overworld above-ground rail line? Anyone here remember the 8500-block Spruce Lake Rail Line, two resets back? Took something like 20 minutes to run, but people really enjoyed the sights along the way.

    I always thought it would be fun to build a Grand Central Station at spawn, with at least 4 rail lines, one to each compass point, as far out as was practical. I had built a subway system for the Capital (also 2 resets ago), with 8 double-rail lines. It was awesome!

    I still think the warps are needed, but I see nothing wrong with a few well-place rail lines to supplement them.
  8. Maybe a railroad system built in a warp that encourages players to build shops around stops? Encourages growth of warps and keeps the economy thriving with a lack of monopoly on space.
  9. And I would be only too pleased to build them, provided the needed right-of-ways could be secured from the claim owners. Ideally, I'd like to see the stations placed as close as possible to the warp landing zones, for easy access.
  10. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    In my opinion a better idea would be an ice boat path like Thomas said but like directly from the nether warp in either direction could be a good community project. But would be best to have a simple and easy repetitive design. Just a thought.
  11. A good solution are hovering boats
  12. Boats in a minecart on a flying machine that is attached to a rail line.

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