PvP Tournament! - Single Elimination

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  1. PvP Tournament:

    Bracket Type - Single Elimination 1v1 - Best Out Of 3
    Prizes - (1st Place - 125DB+Unbreakable Gold Sword) (2nd Place - 50DB) (3rd Place - 25DB)
    Time: Sign Up Closes And Tournament Begins 6th May. Finishes when completed.
    PvP Map - Pvp Duels -
    2019-04-29_05.15.09 (1) (1).jpg
    Armour/Weapons - All Iron Gear; Helmet, Chest Plate, Leggings, Boots. Iron Sword and Shield. (Shield Must Be Used In Off-Hand At All Times) -

    Rules: (Failing to follow these rules may lead to kick from tournament)
    No Enchanted Armour and Weapons
    No Special Items, only the armour and weapons listed are allowed.
    No Potions/Apples
    No Hacking/Cheating
    No Alts Allowed, I may ask Staff to check.

    How Will This Work?

    The Players/Bracket will be randomised however will be adjusted to suit players timezones.
    The first knockout round will begin next week on Saturday (4th May) and will go throughout the week untill all matches are done. You will be assigned a player to Vs in the bracket and when you're both online at the same time, I will msg you that your fight will begin, what to do and I'll be refereeing. If you are inactive for a few days and can't get online during the same time as your opponent. I will msg you a time and if you don't show for that then you'll be disqualified or replaced with someone else. Please Listen to the referee (2019) at all times.
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  2. This seems like a really awesome event for the server, thanks! Where are you going to run it so people can't interrupt?
  3. I would say remove the shield since it might get abused
    And ban food in the arena, give them 3 splash healing II potion instead
  4. Thanks! It's going to be hosted in PvP Duel Arena since I think it's a good arena to 1v1 in.
    If there is a player interruption the best thing I can do is kindly ask them to leave since a tournament is being held.
  5. I can help you if you wish.
  6. Update: Thanks to Knoot the prize pool is now 200DB! I have chosen to add the extra DB to 1st place prize making it 125DB for 1st!

    We're only 3 days away from starting the PvP Tournament! We only have 9 participates so far so I'm going limit the tournament to 16 Players only, so we can have a fair bracket. It'll look like this.
    I'm hoping we can hit 16 participates by Saturday! Please feel free to ask your peers if they would like to join. Thanks :)!
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  7. I would like to participate but my times are not flexible at all... I can try to do fights when I can but... I’m sorry I’m advance if it’s even possible for me to join
  8. CloverPetal

    CloverPetal Warrior Moderator

    I'd also like to participate :)
  9. Update: Hey everyone! The PvP Tournament will begin tomorrow. Unfortunately I was hoping to have 16 participates for a fair knockout round but only 12 participates have joined, I've tried to get more but no luck. Due to this I've decided to close the entry and their will be fair 12 knockout fight. The bracket will look somewhat like this (10/10 paint graphic) Untitled - Paint 4_05_2019 2_47_24 AM.png
    Since theirs going to be 3 people in the finals, each player will vs each other. The first person too win 2 match points will come 1st. If everyone gets 1 match point then all match points will reset and we'll go again.
    If you get 0 match point then you'll come 3rd. If 1 player has 2 match points already and the other 2 players have 0 match point, then they'll fight for 2nd/3rd. If you're in the finals and unsure how this works msg me.

    Goodluck to the 12 Participates! Thanks for signing up and I hope this tournament all goes well. I'll be posting the match bracket tomorrow!
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  10. I love how you didn't even export it. Just took a screenshot. Also incorrect usage of "their"
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  11. I assume you chose for me to not participate because I’m always bad with timing lol
  12. I have not seen you online in awhile, you said your times weren't flexible so I thought it would be best for you not too participate, sorry.
  13. XD ok
  14. The Semi Finals Now Begin! Good luck to the remaining 6. Also _Hikoo_ donated a Unbreakable Gold Sword to 1st Place.

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