Progress on Stable Dye Sources!!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jeffdogg, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. This is part 2 of my last post. I should have stable sources for many dyes (as soon as I get my bonemeal farm set up >;D) to most dyes. I WILL MOST LIKELY OPEN THE GLASS SHOP! I'm honestly super excited! :D. I do need a shop location tho... I don't wanna just do a tunnel in the nether, which is why I shall battle for a savannah plot! I have an idea for a building that I need to alter slightly to match the biome, I can't wait. If the glass is successful and I'm happy and will be, I might even do concrete. I really hope his works out. Some can be crafted but i don't feel like that is stable (from other dyes that is). I wanna know if I'm capable of growing pickles or if I can only buy em from spawn or find em. I might already of a plane for ink sacs but can't execute yet. So far here are the dyes I have stable sources of:
    Red - Yes
    Green - Yes
    Purple - Yes
    Cyan - Yes
    Light Gray - Yes
    Pink - Yes
    Lime - No
    Yellow - Yes
    Light Blue - No
    Magenta - Yes
    Orange - No
    Black - No
    Brown - Yes
    Blue - Yes
    White - Yes

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