Progress of Kirbyville Project

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  1. You guys might be wondering what is taking me a while to finish Kirbyville. The Good News is that I might be around 20-30% Done so Far. However, This project might be bigger than Shazbicville from last time. This town has literally a Bypass in the form of a Freeway and a Spur Freeway for Minecraft Route 50. I have built 75% of the Main Roads needed for Kirbyville so far. Still not even done with that.

    Progress of Kirbyville as of 11/27/19: 20-30% Done

    Projected Finish: December 2019-Feburary 2020

    EDIT March 26,2020 Just uploaded Directions to Kirbyville I have the town in OPEN BETA right now as of Late February and Early March.
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