Pro-Boards Data Breach

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shazepe, May 13, 2020.

  1. Shazepe

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    Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately some data from was taken by an unauthorized login to my admin account. Some of you may still have an account there. This is the data we know to have been downloaded by the person responsible:
    Last Log-in Time
    IP Addresses

    My old forum password was found through an online database of leaked passwords, but the file with user info that was taken did not contain user passwords.

    We have details of those responsible and are sending all info of this to the relevant authorities. I will update this post with more info if I get it.
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  2. This not good i had a proboards account
  3. whats pro boards
  4. Panda

    Panda Veteran

    I had a proboards account. Is there anything I should be actively doing in order to protect myself, or is all the damage already done.
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  5. Danbraa

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  6. I gave actual advice to someone about how to keep safe on the internet using a vpn, and they got deleted. Stay safe <3
  7. Ollie

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    I know that is says that password information isn't known to be leaked, however whenever there is a breach of any kind the number one rule is to update all other accounts that share the same or similar passwords immediately. Obviously if you are a good boy and have different passwords for every account then you fine ...
  8. You should also probably check your email address against the database of breaches. It's not definitive but it's really helpful for checking if old forgotten accounts you've used have been leaked.
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  9. I had a proboards, and will go check it now.
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  10. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Update: There was no vulnerability in proboards, and no hacking, just someone who logged into my account by searching through old passwords. All they did was download the member list that proboards provides. Your passwords are not in danger from this.

    Like Faquarl said tho, check your accounts through
    Because that's all this person did to get one of my old passwords. They used a list of compromised accounts after searching for my email, which showed I had accounts involved in past data breaches.
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  11. Thank you for the disclosure.
    Were IP addresses or email addresses included in the member list? Also, do you know if any data has been leaked online.
  12. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    Ip addresses were, emails were not. We know who's responsible now and they have the list but it's not hosted anywhere.
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  13. who's responsible for the hack
  14. That's probably private info.
  15. Ollie

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