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Discussion in 'Creations' started by Munchausen, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. I've begun recreating the post office from the last map. However, because people seem disinclined to pay the astronomical price of 2 diamonds per enchanted book, I don't have the kind of resources to draw on that I did previously. Consequently, I am requesting donations from the community at large to help provide the needed materials.

    I've set up donation chests at the build site, which is northwest of spawn at 1527 x -218. There are 4 chests provided, for the following sets of material:

    • Redstone (either in dust or block form)
    • Nether crystal and/or redstone comparators
    • Iron (ingots or blocks) and/or hoppers
    • Red brick blocks
    Please drop your donations into the appropriate chests. I'll supply the remaining material (mostly for the building itself.)

    Every little bit helps, so don't feel you need to donate a stack of something all by yourself.

    Thank you in advance for your donations.
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  2. The Post Office reconstruction has been completed, and is now open for use. Main entrance is at 1535 x -219, along the northwest road out of spawn. You may configure a sethome anywhere on the front porch outside the doors.

    Those interested in obtaining a post office mailbox should post a request to this thread. Please indicate your IGN in the request, so I can set perms for your mailbox.
  3. Notupus

    Notupus Recruit

    I would like Postbox A1 or A2, TheOfficialAdmin
  4. May I have one please :)
    IGN booNoodles
  5. Sorry, those boxes are reserved - A1 is for me, and A2-4 will be given to those that donated to the build. Please choose another box.
  6. Your box number is A5.
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  7. Could I have B1, or if you're not doing the B's yet A6? Thanks :)
  8. Could I have A3 or any spot?My ign is JTPleasant
  9. I would like a mailbox please.

    IGN: PermanentAnxiety
  10. Your mailbox number is B1.
  11. A3 is reserved for donators. Your box number is B2.
  12. Your mailbox number is B3.
  13. May I have a mailbox good sir?
  14. May I please have a mailbox, preferably C1 if possible?
  15. Well, by golly, it is possible! Your box number is C1!
  16. Notupus

    Notupus Recruit

    Well, I had A2 pre update, just get me one in the first floor and make it A2b or use the lowest value box avalable.
  17. You can have D1, but I can't assign you perms until you tell me your IGN.
  18. Pbglasius

    Pbglasius Moderator Moderator

    Once again a great initiative. I would like one, please. IGN: pebOwO
  19. Your mailbox number is C2.
  20. Welp, I forgot to add my username, I would like a mailbox please. IGN:CraftyMucky123

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