Post Office Rebirth 2022

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  1. The Safe Survival Post Office is still open to the public, with plenty of available mailboxes!

    Main entrance is at approximately -3675/4315, on the north road out of Roofed Forest warp. You may sethome anywhere on the front porch outside the doors.

    Those interested in obtaining a post office mailbox should post a request to this thread indicating your IGN, or rename an item with your IGN and drop it into the postmaster's mailbox, number A1.
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  2. Bella

    Bella Moderator Moderator

    Would like a mailbox
    IGN: DemonMaker
  3. Your post office box has been assigned, F6. Upper level, left side of center aisle.
  4. RandRobin

    RandRobin Villager

    I <3 the idea of the post office! Would be great if everyone would've a slot to easily communicate.

    I would also like a mailbox please :)
    IGN: RandRobin
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