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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by grayson_va, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. grayson_va

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    Anyone here into Pokemon? (can't get the e right on my keyboard), I play the older games and collect the cards. Well, I own FireRed and Emerald, and would play Moon, if my DS was working.

    I have a load of cards and I am currently working on completing HS Undaunted, but haven't completely collected a entire set yet. But I own 450+ single cards and 2 decks, also like 10 pins 2 figurines, 1 plush. But I've been collecting since 2010, only started actually buying cards frequently (like twice a month) in 2016 and started actually collecting in December (2017)

    Anyway, do any of you collect the cards or play the games? I'm curious.
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  2. Played a couple of the games, favourite one being ruby.

    I collected pokemon cards as a kid, so I had and actually still have (not sure why) all the ones I gathered. Includes some pretty rare 90’s cards as well.
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  3. I love Pokemon! My first game was Platinum, and I started collecting all the games and cards after that. I used to have 500+ cards, but when I was 12 my brain thought it was a good idea to give all of them away... Much regret. Although I did keep my favorites. :) I would keep collecting, but my local store stopped selling the small packets for some reason and now it only sells those booster packs. :/
  4. I love Pokemon as well my first Game was Saphire but i have played all main games except Ultra Sun/Moon (dont wanna buy it since i already have Moon XD) i also have some Pokemon Cards and always love to see the movies and news about the Game and Series on serebii (dont wanna post a link in case its adversting XD). Also my avatar is my favorite Pokemon Salamence the best Dragon out there :3
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  5. I've played all the generations as well, save for Sun and Moon (haven't gotten 'round to it). Always did enjoy them growing up, though. First one I played was Red but I've always been more a fan of gen 2 lol. I have most of the games still, except Red and I had Ruby but some snot stole it from me as a kid. >.>

    I still have some cards I've kept over the years for memories' sake but not nearly as many as I had when I was younger. I, too, made the grave mistake of giving up hundreds of cards because I didn't think older me would care lol.
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  6. grayson_va

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    I would recommend buying from eBay tbh. Sometimes people have good deals, you just have to be looking at their seller rating (I think that's what it's called?) And stuff like that.
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  7. grayson_va

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    Sun and moon is really fun, but I haven't played the newer games before it so idk how different it is, but when my ds was working, I played through the storyline once and I liked it a lot, would definitely recommend playing it when you get the chance.

    idk also I would recommend checking the rarity of the cards, and keep them safe in binder/sleeves. They could b worth something.
  8. Yeah I've seen those, although I've had a lot of bad ebay experiences so I try to avoid it >.> But thanks for the suggestion :3
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  9. YESSS! Finally I found someone else who enjoys the pokemon trading card game!
    I hunt shinys and i is 48% complete with my alolan pokedex!
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  10. I love Pokémon. I don't play TCG as much, but I have a fair collection. I normally do online games, and on Alola I have Melemele 100%, (with little to no trading) and Poni at 99% (I can't get a Scizor for the life of me) and both the others at 73-76% (I forgot). If anyone wants to add me dm me online or on here for my friend code. I would be happy to trade a lot of things away. (But please I really need Scizor).
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  11. Pokemon has always been apart of me, I started with Diamond, and my love only grew from there. I had a ton of cards, but they ended up getting thrown away when I moved from an apartment to a house :/ I don't even know how many plushies I have. I have a 2DS that's a special Pokeball edition, so I love pokemon :3
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  12. Mando

    Mando Recruit

    I've played a few of the games and tried to get my son into TCG. I'll admit, I think I've played Pokemon on my 3ds a lot more than he has.
  13. I play Pokemon Go. I've been playing it since it first came out. I'm only level 27 though.
  14. Pokemon GO is for newbies, all the other Pokemon games is where it's at
  15. Dragontooth73

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    Pokemon was my favorite thing growing up. I only just started playing the new games because i wasnt a fan of the gen 5 storyline or most of the new mons from it.
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  16. Pokemon Go motivates me to get more exercise.
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  17. Anyone have a idea what the new pokemon game is?

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