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  1. Currently, phantom spawning is incredibly broken.

    I sleep every single night, and every single day and phantoms STILL spawn on me, and I'm not talking just 1 or 2 phantoms. I'm fighting 20+ phantoms EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. It is incredibly annoying, and I have nearly died on so many occasions. I can't get any work done over night, and have to hide in a hole.

    PLEASE Fix phantoms.
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  2. If you have a cat around, then it will keep the phantoms away. They are afraid of cats.
    Sleeping doesn't work unless everyone online goes to sleep.
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  3. Try to just /spawn and then warp back to your sethome. The phantoms will have despawned.
  4. They usually spawn back. Plus, this shouldn't be an issue on such a popular server, especially considering it's called "safesurvival."
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  5. Phantoms once again really need fixing. It does just get really annoying and they spawn way too much.
  6. I haven’t encountered issues with Phantoms spawning too often. I have no cats and they spawn in groups of 3.
  7. Yes phantoms spawning me when I’m doing work on a tall building. I fake every time. The only thing I can’t thing if is cats there is nothing the server can do. Ales I used nether a Okay on poles and they were killed bc of that so just do that
  8. If the server can disable raids by pillagers then the server can clearly disable phantoms.
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  9. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    1.13 Changelog:

    Meaning you only need to hop in and out of a bed I think it was every few MC nights? From the phantom wiki:
    However if this is broken or a bug is occurring that's a different matter altogether.

    This can be done yes, there is one way of doing it (which is the best way) now that this is being revisited again, which is to worldguard flag and disallow phantoms from spawning entirely in the global entry of worldguard, however this would make it so phantom membranes could never be collected and all crafting recipes with them in it would be rendered impossible to use unless they were put in a shop.

    Guess we should turn on peaceful mode then so its "safe" survival........
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  10. The once and for all best solution: Remove Phantom spawns, put a phantom spawner at mob farm.
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  11. Ikith

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    We can't thomas, its SAFE survival, we have to disable all mobs except friendly sheep and cowsies.
  12. Let's make quad spawners for every mob @ mob farm and have no mob spawns. Less lag and it's SAFE!
  13. Looks like my villager spawner will be useless

    And my guardian farm will also be gone
  14. Enmos

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    To be honest, apart from phantoms, the server is already pretty much on peaceful mode :>
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  15. Everyone is complaining about wee little flying whales when you have Keep Inventory and access to OP non survival items. Go and play on a actual survival world for a week to see how “Hard” actual MC is if you think this is bad

    I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but cmon, it’s how the game is so adapt to it instead of demanding it be changed. It’s always a good mindset, and doing this now will make future updates with controversial changes easier
  16. Phantoms are broken on the server, they spawn during daylight as well which shouldn't happen.
    Of course they also instant die to the sun
  17. Except that's irrelevant because 10+ phantoms a night is NOT normal minecraft. We should not be having to create methods to prevent something that should not be broken in the first place. It's basically punishing the players for the servers issues. It's not "how the game is" it's a bug.

    "Actual MC" wouldn't have these problems.
  18. 10+ phantoms a night is normal Minecraft, just hop on a bed for a bit if you don’t want them.

    Minecraft phantom spawning is a algorithm, so I don’t see how spawn rates would affect it, high or low. Phantoms spawn in amounts depending on the nights you have not slept, with a range of about 3

  19. upload_2019-11-10_14-18-52.png

    Clearly you've never played normal minecraft either. That is the whole issue. Even when we sleep, they continue to spawn. Even during the day.
  20. 1-6 phantoms, attempting to spawn every minute.
    If you ignored the phantoms for 1 min then they could easily count up to ten of them

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