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    Hey guys! After a bit of discussion, Event Staff has come up with a plan of action for hosting only three events per week. Our player count is typically higher over the weekend, so we believe it would be most fitting to focus on Saturdays and Sundays, the third event being held on Wednesday.

    Spleef will always be held on Saturdays, while the remaining events will alternate between the other two days. It will go as follows:

    This week:
    • Wednesday: Head Hunt
    • Saturday: Spleef
    • Sunday: Obstacle Course / Treasure Hunt
    Next Week:
    • Wednesday: Obstacle Course / Treasure Hunt
    • Saturday: Spleef
    • Sunday: Head Hunt
    We have modified a spleef rule because we've cut down from two days of hosting to one: Each player who wins ONE round of spleef cannot participate again until Crazy Round, as opposed to two. If we ever go back to hosting spleef more than once per week we may go back to the old rule; it will depend on you guys' feedback! But for now we think this is best, we'll try it out and see how it goes. :>

    We are hopeful that Treasure Hunt will be coming back sooner than later! There's no set date but progress has been made!

    And as a final note, don't forget that the Ender Dragon Respawn will be held on Saturday, October 3rd, at 1PM EDT (for EU players)!

    We really hope that this plan works well! Let us know if you have questions or concerns either through Discord (you can message me, Enelis#0608) or on this forum post! Have a great week <3

    Event Staff
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  2. Wicked

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    this makes me sad that we are decreasing events and I hope treasure hunt comes back soon
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  3. I liked Treasure Hunt.
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  4. I feel like the Event Staff needed a break because they have to host events every day but I think it’s fun for them anyway
  5. Are EST and EDT the same thing?
  6. I think there is a 1 hour difference.
  7. They're often used interchangably to mean "East Coast United States time". EDT is Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4), for when daylight 'saving' time is in effect, EST is Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5).

    See EDT – Eastern Daylight Time for all the gory details.
  8. This sucks. I will never be able to do events. I work all those days. :(

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