Petition To Lower Phantom Spawns

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Thomas5200, Oct 12, 2019.

Your preference for phantom spawns?

  1. Option 1 - Remove

  2. Option 2 - Reduce

  3. Option 3 - Stay The Same

  1. Anyone who works outside during the night knows the pain of having phantoms spawn continuously and how they make it near impossible to build. They are only useful for their membranes which most players don't even need. There are three options:

    1. Remove phantom spawns and have a phantom spawner @ mob farm
    2. Reduce phantom spawns
    3. Keep them as they are

    Vote for the option you think is best!
    (Obviously not #3 it is a horrible option)
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  2. I swear I have had at least 15 phantoms spawn on me in the last 20 minutes. It's insane and such a pain to deal with.
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  3. Tweaking spawn rates or making mobs only spawn in mob warp is a pain in the butt from what i have learned by experimenting on server software.
    Seeing as how there are already lots of issues being dealt with (lag, vote plugin, etc...)this isnt even reasonable.
    The easiest solution is to carry a bed around when you are doing a large build or exploring & setting a home seeing as how spawn point never changes, sleeping every other night is no big deal to keep the death pancakes away.
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  4. With the server software SS uses they can tweak mob spawns fairly easily; a few months back they increased passive mob spawns back up.
  5. SInce I love slow falling pots I have to say no
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  6. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Or you could just touch a bed once every 3 in game days (which is 60 minutes real time) to reset your insomnia timer and not have an issue with phantoms.

    (Number 3 is the real choice because carrying a bed and touching said bed once ever 3 in game days [60 minutes] isn't hard, plus we have homes so it would be super easy to set a home near a bed pop to that home once every 3 in game days [60 minutes] pop in, pop out, and teleport back)

    Also Thomas, guilting people in to choosing what you want doesn't work, will never work and will lose you friends later in life.
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  7. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    In the software mobs are categorized in to the following:
    Monsters (Zombies Etc)
    Animals (Cows Etc)
    Water-Animals (Fish Etc)
    Ambient (Bats Etc)

    You cannot reduce just one mob, you have to reduce the whole category, I'm sure however there is another plugin that can do this but whether its semi-vanilla compliant or not is another bag of worms altogether.
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