Petition to ban phantoms

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseKing, May 2, 2021.

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  1. lolbenz

    lolbenz Recruit

    On a related note, why is creeper damage even deactivated?
  2. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    The difficulty is not set to normal so we have a challenge. The difficulty is set to normal so we can farm the items the mobs drop. You said it yourself, you can’t set spawn and keep inventory is on. The icing on the cake is that the server artificially limits mob spawns. If you go caving you’ll be lucky to find 1 naturally spawning skelly, literally. The point is: mobs aren’t on for difficulty, mobs are on for resources.

    Now onto @AndysSoDandy point. Since it isn’t a matter of survival, that means it’s a game mechanic, right? And the mechanic present here is that if I don’t touch a bed for just over an hour, a phantom spawns ( and decreases the max mob cap around the player). So you’re telling me a valuable addition to gameplay is me having to touch a bed very hourish? Really? This is your “solution”? Well my “solution” would be what Mouse was saying from the beginning, disable these annoying mobs from spawning outside of a spawner. See how my solution doesn’t involve touching a bed every hourish?;):p

    And here is where we get to what I was saying in my first comment will be the response, “ACHUALLY it’s not vanilla so we can’t do it, ignore all the non vanilla things in the server also, this one thing we can’t cause it goes to farrrrr.”

    everyone have fun touching a bed every hour!!! Great mechanic much gameplay :D:D:D:D:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  3. Kelpy

    Kelpy Veteran

    Just do what I do. I'm too clumsy and die too often for them to ever be an issue.

  4. How would you have it, that every suggestion we get to make gameplay more convenient for a small number of players is implemented? Mouse said it himself, the tone of the post was meant in a jokeful way, and they can be dealt with easily. Low spawn rate, so they don't bother you every hour, so you don't have to touch a bed every hour. Not every game design has to be perfect and easy and a valuable addition. Sometimes things just are.

    Solution: play the game, if there are enough phantoms to annoy you, touch a bed. Otherwise, play the game. I imagine this would be the easiest/most convenient/least impactful solution to majority of players. See how this answer doesn't involve reworking to meet individual demands?

    Your issue isn't with annoyance from mobs, but with the limited mob cap, which is something else, in which case you can make a thread for discussion on how to work that out.
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  5. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    If touching a bed every hour is such an inconvenience then I'd highly suggest making a suggestion to mojang on the minecraft forums to change that mechanic, vs limiting what spawns on a server that has already removed creeper damage, and has lower spawn rates.
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  6. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    haha so now we come to the point where you’re not even defending the mechanic anymore, but actively suggesting I go to the developers and tell them to change it!! :D:D:D:D:D

    I NEVER said phantoms shouldn’t spawn in the game. I said they shouldn’t spawn on the SERVER. The nuances of the server (low spawn cap, no sleeping) change whether or not phantoms are necessary.

    so since creepers don’t blow up then phantoms need to stay in???? What kind of circular logic is this :D:p:D:p one mob being changed means none can be changed? That’s some A1 logic you use there, how about we get creeper dmg back and we remove phantoms? I was never a fan of the useless creeper either! And I love how lower spawns rates means a useless resource mob should stay in. No one uses phantom membranes.... just admit you’re wrong;););) and ur bud buddies putting funny on every single post they disagree with is the most hilarious passive aggressive move in the world :D:D can’t argue with the information so just funny and move on :D:p:D:p
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  7. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    your entire post boils down to say that yes the mechanic is not good but deal with it, which is just LOL “play the game” :D:p:D:p

    And they’re not going to change the mob cap, if you think that trying to get phantoms to not spawn is not possible, I’m here to tell you raising the mob cap is futile. They have to do it to combat lag. They don’t HAVE to have phantoms spawn.

    Also, it’s not an individual saying phantoms suck, I can put my life on it if we did a server wide vote, most would say phantoms are annoying and useless! Take care!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  8. As some who runs around "naked" on the server at all time, who does everything possible to not PvE (cause its just a part of the game I do not like) I have to say, yes the phantoms can be annoying but so can baby zombies, drowneds when building in/near water and the list goes on but the only ones on said list that I can 100% avoid is phantoms. I just pop into a bed for a sec whenever I run past one and if it happens that I, for some reason, go too long and they do spawn (like any mob I don't want to deal with) you just tp to spawn or a set home (in the case of phantoms pop into a bed real quick) and tp back and get back to work. It just seems like a rather big deal is being made about something that is at most a slight few moments of inconvenience. It is a game mechanic, not one I really care for but its is just part of the game, if they bring back creeper explosions I would say the same thing about then (as someone who has die to many more creepers than phantoms -once again because one is avoidable and the other is not). This post seems to have started as a lighthearted 'poke fun at a mob that is a pain' and seems to have spun off into...lets just say a little to serious.
  9. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I was never defending the mechanic, the fact that you read it that way is your problem, not mine, I simply explained how it worked and how to avoid phantoms from spawning above you, and how it wasn't a big deal to touch a bed every hour, you're the one here that came storming in and expressed how annoying said mechanic is, which I, in turn pointed you in the direction where you could voice your grievances, because here, a Minecraft server, that has nothing to do with Minecraft's development or mechanics isn't the place.

    As many others have voiced, if you're going to disable Phantoms because they are annoying, then you may as switch the server to peaceful because every other mob is annoying in their own right, I personally get annoyed walking out of the door to my house to get shot by 4-5 skeletons, I guess we should disable skeletons right? I also get annoyed at being chased down by baby zombies, we should disable them too, and guardians, man its annoying getting fatigue from them when boating or walking across the ocean over an ocean monument. Sure I'm exaggerating a bit but only to match your sarcasm/how much you are unintentionally exaggerating the issue with phantoms.

    Edit: To follow up on your no sleeping comment, as explained in my previous posts about how the mechanic works, you don't need to sleep til day to reset your insomnia timer on multiplayer servers, you hop in bed, hop out, boom insomnia timer is reset and phantoms no longer spawn, which makes the "no sleeping" point in your post null and void.
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  10. TimelordofLegend

    TimelordofLegend Moderator Moderator

    Ok this is becoming more of an argument rather then the intended meaning of this post so it will be locked from further replies. As for the subject of phantoms we have discussed this and we do not see a need to do anything about phantoms as they are not much of a problem and more of a small annoyance.
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