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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseKing, May 2, 2021.

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  1. These flying mongrels have recently infested the server and for the life of me I can't figure out why, or who loves to so torment us by nightly attacks on the tops of our heads! Band together and demand better pest control server wide! I say we all go on strike until our demands are met. What those demands are however, I do not know. Why would someone release an apex predator into our closed ecosystem? To laugh at us, that's why. Every time I look into the night sky I see them there, shrieking, mocking us for our inability to see them coming before it's too late.

    It is a basic human right to travel without constant harassment of these vile creatures, and it's time something is done! Vote for me as class president and I vow to end the reign of terror these souless beasts have brought upon us. Also, I will add soda machines in the cafeteria!
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  2. I have to say I agree, I'm constantly being bullied by these creatures and the bruises from them flying into my is never ending... look, even as im writing this there is two phantoms hurting me :(
  3. lolbenz

    lolbenz Recruit

    I agree, id rather have creeper explosions enabled.
  4. I never liked them anyway, maybe we should write an angry letter to Mojang ;D
  5. TimelordofLegend

    TimelordofLegend Moderator Moderator

    Am i one of the few people who actually enjoy phantoms? I think they look cool and add a nice difficulty curve for those who are overpowered enough to not really be affected by regular mobs
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  6. No. Creepers are already banned and I would hate to see another mob go :'(
  7. phantoms are much easier to deal with on this server than most... just sleep in a bed literally ANY bed, since beds dont serve as respawn points it doesnt matter at all what bed is slept in.
    carry a bed or just use random ones around its extremely simple to deal with phantoms here. if i want phantoms at times i try not to sleep to see how many i can build up to farm the membranes. the membranes are useful so phantoms (death pancakes) are good to have around.
  8. TimelordofLegend

    TimelordofLegend Moderator Moderator

    this is the best description of them i have ever seen
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  9. What about Sky Flapjacks?
  10. I think everyone above steve rank is OP enough to not be affected by regular mobs. I'd rather have the spawn rate bumped a bit, that would help out a lot more than having phantoms, plus i wouldn't have to have two inventory slots taken up at all times by a bow and arrows just so I can kill them without having to stand there waving my sword like a madman waiting for them to dive bomb me xD
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  11. bluuu

    bluuu Recruit

    The sole reason they should be banned is not cause they’re annoying, which they are, but because with a server that artificially limits spawning of mobs it’s really a slap in the face to have phantoms spawn at their original rate. The already precious spawn cap is being consumed by needless fluff, especially when the server has a free phantom spawner and sleeping is restricted.

    Naturally, this coherent explanation will be met with the great one size fits all “it’s not vanilla” and that will be the end of the discussion. See ya in game dying from phantoms when we’re afk mouse! ;););):D:D:D
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  12. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Honestly it takes not but 1-2 seconds to reset your insomnia timer every 4 minecraft days (which is when phantoms start spawning for you).

    Just get in and get out of a bed every once in a while, on MP when you leave a bed (even if everyone hasn't slept to turn the night to day) your insomnia timer resets, meaning phantoms no longer spawn over you.

    To clarify: 1 Minecraft day is 20 minutes, meaning 4 days is 80 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes. Touching a bed every hour or so will keep you in the clear.
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  13. AeroSoap

    AeroSoap Villager

    The problem is that phantoms are hard to fight in a laggy environment because fighting them is always timing-based, regardless of if you use a bow or a sword.
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  14. So true, half the time they seem to just lock in place in the air, just out of reach of my sword... if I ignore them they constantly smack my head, but if I look at them they never seem to come down, just chill up there xD
  15. Ikith

    Ikith Master

  16. bottom line is ... if phantoms are disabled like creepers you might as well just set the difficulty to peaceful. it makes absolutely no sense to disable specific mobs when its a semivanilla server.
    we have keep inventory on & spawn point is always the same.. spawn, whats the point of deaths? seriously its minimally impactive.
  17. I think we should leave them on because as Bpirate1 said, if phantoms were removed the server may as well be on peaceful.
  18. bruh ppl want to ban them all the time just deal with em
  19. lol it's not "minimally impactive"... it's every time I walk outside I get bombarded up above. It's not a deadly thing that breaks the game but I don't think anyone is claiming that. But it is, however, extremely annoying. No one is saying they can't be dealt with, I'm sure you can tell from the tone of the original post it's not completely serious. A lowering of the spawn rate would make all the things we have to do outside (farming, building, etc) a lot less stressful.

    When I hear the wail of the phantom I don't think "oh no I'm dead", I think "ughhhhh" because I'm stopping what I'm doing for the next two minutes to deal with them, staring at the sky waiting for them to get close enough, then taking 5 hits from my sword before dying, only to have another one spawn a few minutes later. I would rather have creepers do damage than have phantoms IMO, at least with creepers/zombies/skeles you can deal with them in an area right when you get there and then be free to do what you do rather than dealing with a mob consistently throughout the night.
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  20. Ikith's solution, taken from above:
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