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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by CloverPetal, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. CloverPetal

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    As great as Minecraft is...I’ve been looking for another game to get into. The only games I’ve ever really got into are Sims 3 & Minecraft. I’ve downloaded League of Legends but don’t know where or how to start the game :X If anyone has any recommendations for different games, please let me know. :)
  2. 1) I really enjoyed superhot but it took me only 3hours to finish the main lvls
    2) destiny 2 is free to get till 18th of nov. Go get it and then u keep it.
  3. Skyrim - For emersion and hundreds of hours of wonder. RPG

    Civilization V - For strategy, world conquest and ...learning India's Ghandi his true motives. Turn-Based Strategy

    Death Road to Canada - 8bit Zombie Slaying fun! Addictive! 8-bit Adventure

    Banished - Nice and realistic medieval city builder. Combines Sim City and Sims. RTS
  4. You should try this game on steam called Don't Starve Together! It's pretty much like Minecraft, but more realistic.
  5. Valiant Hearts?
  6. I can also help u with league, ive been playing for quite a few years now.
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  7. I've also recently started playing league, It's great fun if you can find someone that has experience to teach you and play with.

    I also recommend Destiny 2, as well as stardew valley for a casual game.
  8. What are you guys' League IGNs? Add me: sh4rkn4d4
  9. Sadly i cant, im in EUNE and u in EUW
  10. Ooofff... That's sad :E
  11. Ikith

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    Terraria is a great game.
  12. ABashfulbear

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    Smite is a great game, much better than League, easier to learn too.
  13. Snake on the original 3310
  14. Antipolar

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    Fallout 4 is just as fun as any Bethesda game there is. Outta give it a try, also plenty of nod support to keep it interesting
  15. It's pretty good, it gets a bit dull after a few months though
  16. I'd recommend Skyrim, Dark Souls, Borderlands 2, GTAV, Overwatch, and Red Dead Redemption II.

    Never play Fortnite.
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  17. My friend plays this. He seems to like it.
  18. Jupiter

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    Warframe is a great choice. Free to play and one of the most popular games on Steam.
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  19. KyletheUnicorn

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    You should play Maplestory 2. Real great game its great! Here's some legit things that people said about the game:

    "Great game, really cute and fun!" -Elon Musk.

    "Oh wow this might be the BEST thing to ever exist ever!" -George Washington.

    "I love it so much i play it for 10 hours straight every day!!!" -The pope.

    Edit: Did i mention it's completely free?!! OH WOW NO WAY! all you gotta do is download the Nexon launcher, download Maplestory 2 and you're good to go! AMAZING! So easy and FUN!!!
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