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    In-game Username: Oh_Yeah_MrKrabs
    Time Played: 71 Days
    Age: 21
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    1. Tell us about your interests and/or specialties that you think is a good fit for the event staff.
    My interests in event staff stems from wanting to help host/create events and help with the creation of custom NPCs/items. I usually have an open schedule that would work for help hosting the weekly events

    2. What regarding events (weekly/holiday) do you like and what do you think could be improved upon?
    I enjoy the current state of the weekly events and the variety of them. As for improvements, I think there needs to be a way to get more people playing them. The past weeks some events have seemed more dead than usual. I’m not sure if that stems from the time of year it is or people thinking the events are stale. I think an improvement to this would be to change up some aspects of each event like rewards and such so people might be more interested in joining the events.

    3. If hosting interests you, what is your availability? (time / days)
    I’m fairly open on times/days for hosting. My current work schedule wouldn’t allow me to host Tuesday/Thursdays during the window for EU events, but beyond that the later time slots and weekend time slots are open

    4. If building interests you, can you show us some examples? (coordinates ingame / screenshots / link to imgur)
    My love for building comes from the decor aspect. Buildings themselves are fine, but organics/terraforming aren't my cup of tea
    Assorted screenshots of builds on the server: https://imgur.com/a/bYaANFc

    5. If you have experience with commands / creating a datapack, can you show/tell us an example?
    For commands I’ve figured out how to create the /summon command that creates the monthly billy. This also applies to custom items as well. As for data packs, I have no experience, however I would be willing to learn as I find many things on here like Treasure Hunt and the holiday events very interesting.

    6. What is your favorite cake?
    Pie counts as cake right? If not then cheesecake I suppose
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