Ocean Monument Build (UPDATE)

Discussion in 'Creations' started by sStari, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. So, I have recently been adding a LOT of stuff to the monument so I decided to share it once more. I have mainly done improvements to the outside area, and I think it looks much better.
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  2. ignore the cats
  3. JBone9973

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    This is really awesome, I tried to something similar once building something in the middle of the ocean, but I walled it off with solid blocks, I never thought to just have the water be sitting there. It creates a really neat effect for the whole build
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  4. T
    The thing is, this isn't water. It's blue glass. It just looks like water and thats why I used it
  5. A lil update to this build: It will no longer be a museum as mentioned in my last post about it. I have decided to make it my main base of operations as I have other builds nearby.
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    Amazing dude!
  7. This is what the monument currently looks like:

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  8. Looks awesome! Cool use of the actual monument bc most farms I see break them down and forget about them. Cool to incorporate it into the actual build.

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