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  1. oBlazin

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    In-game Username: oBlazin

    Time Played (To find in-game, go to Esc menu > Statistics > Scroll down to Time Played):

    Last map - as I feel that's most reflective - over 80 days iirc.


    Time Zone:

    1. Tell us about your interests and/or specialities that you think is a good fit for the event staff.
    My interest in events is more on the technical side, and from a design perspective. Last map, I ran my scavenger hunt (see post here), which was a bunch of puzzles scattered around the map. It was a lot of fun to plan, and also to spectate as players solved it.

    Then - when @Blah ran his, I had a LOT of fun participating. The problem solving aspect appeals to me.

    2. What regarding events (weekly/holiday) do you like and what do you think could be improved upon?

    Events last map were good - however more variety in events would be nice.

    3. If hosting interests you, what is your availability? (time / days)

    M-F I am available after 5 PM. Weekends I am available 10 AM - 10 PM

    4a. If building interests you, can you show us some examples? (coordinates in game / screenshots / link to imgur)

    Please see this imgur album for my base last map - as this is the best example of my builds.

    I also am proud of some of the accenting I did for build comp last map. Unfortunately, I do not have many screenshots of this, and I did not download the area, so that album is lacking.

    4b. What is your experience with building tools such as worldedit & voxelsniper?

    For the planning for my base last map, most of what I did in singleplayer was modeling and forming with worldedit, using transfers and rotations, as well as schematic files.

    5. If you have experience with commands / creating a datapack, can you show/tell us an example?

    I have very heavily developed commands from a Java perspective, and have lots of experience in syntax in-game as well. I do not have any concrete examples of my command block command knowledge, however my mod-command plugin experience, which transfers to plugin/raw command creation very well, can be viewed on my GitHub here and here.

    6. What is your favorite cake?

    I do not have a favorite, however I prefer moist cakes like red velvet and fruit cakes.