November 29, 3:45 to 4:15 Central

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  1. Hello, ya'll! As some of you know, my 12th birthday is on November 29, and I will be hosting a Safe Survival party on that day! In the Savannah Village warp, you walk through those giant trees until you see a small building that was once used as the UDN shop. This area will be made into an area where a drop party will happen, (dropping a beacon, some DB, some weapons, armor, and blocks, and some heads!) there will be giveaways, a small head hunt, a horseback snowball fight, a piniata battle, a full table of cake, and a firework show at the end!
    Anyone who would like to help with this party can just say so, and will be greatly appreciated!
    Your mate,
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  2. Oh yeah I just remembered! yay!
    also i can help
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  3. Sounds good, mate!
    Whoever wants to come is invited!
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  4. birthday is also on the 29th of November lol
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  5. so cool, dude! are you interested in coming?
  6. If i got time sure
  7. Sorry I might not be able to come
    Happy Birthday though
  8. Thank you very much!
  9. In 6 days this will happen, anyone who would like to come is invited! Of course, if you don't want to come, just remember that you will be missing out on a beacon giveaway, a drop party containing diamonds, emeralds, lapis, iron, swords, tools, and bows!
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  10. Ill try to be there. It'll be 11PM here, on a working day... Don't think the missus will like it, but I got my 'Sneak' skill at lvl 100. Might work!
  11. I won't be able to come, but I wish you a happy birthday nevertheless.
  12. Spread the word, people! It's happening in 3 DAYS!