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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DjrQ, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Hey guys,

    don't know if you could help, but I got a problem. Whenever I try to launch a single player game in 1.13, the game crashes and goes back to launcher.

    I've already consulted google, updated my java, ran the game without resolution settings, enabled advanced launch commands and added a sequence for extended video buffering, and updated my video card driver.

    Has anyone of you encountered the same problem?
    Did you fix it? If so: how?

    Let me know, I really want to see the 1.13 update and I'm affraid the server won't work for me once we get the server update.

  2. How interesting. I’ve encountered not one crash (albeit low Fps), and I haven’t heard about this is the MC community. Somethings to check is if the world is in 1.12 or earlier, and remove any resource packs/ mods. I normally encounter no problems even with my resource pack, but it still could cause issues.
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  3. I did. I was creating a new game in 1.13 environment. No packs, 100% vanilla
  4. Mando

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    I've read on reddit that the discord overlay can cause issues with 1.13. That might be the issue if you are running it.
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  5. Hey thnx for the reply. I read that too, but I'm not using the Discord overlay
  6. Ikith

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    Have you tried reinstalling Minceraft entirely? Including removing the .minecraft folder out of %appdata%?
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  7. Have you tried playing on a server? Hypixel has updated to support 1.13 so yea. Only matters if you just want to play on SS.
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  8. Before you join a world, go to settings and turn off V-sync. Let me know how it
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  9. VSync off, reinstalled, same error :(

    Will try to reformat PC this week... Sounds like thr only sollution. Mojang is not responding to my question either
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  10. Try setting the settings to 'Fast' and 'Minimal'. 1.13 can be a bit laggy due to the animations for the seagrass and kelp.
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  11. oBlazin

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    What're the specs on your computer? PC/Mac? I've had a fair amount of crash experience, and it usually comes down to a few things:
    - Operating system
    - Java version
    - A broken (or corrupted) .minecraft
    - User settings
    - Graphics drivers (or other software/PC spec problems)

    If this is still affecting you, either reply or PM me and I can try to help!
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  12. I use to turn my video settings/render distance all down to low because the game would crash loading single player if maxed
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  13. It has been fixed. MC was trying to launch via forced IPv6 port. I forced MC to take the 4 port instead via Java commands. It works like a charm now.
  14. oBlazin

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    I'm interested into why this was. Most IPV(4/6) ports use the same:

    DNS servers,
    Static IP,
    Subnet Mask,
    and Default Gateway

    If this becomes an issue in the future with any other program, it may be wise to check these settings and make sure your IPV6 connection is configured correctly :)
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