No Nether Claims in 1.16

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Do you guys think this is a good idea?


  2. no thank you , I prefer nether claims

  3. Eh, I’m not really sure how I feel about this

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  1. NotEnV

    NotEnV Villager

    So in the upcoming nether reset for 1.16 , I believe no nether claims will be the best idea for the server as a whole. As of now (1.15.2) most claims in the nether are not utilized to their max potential. They waste space and make it so other players can not mine quartz, netherack, or even make large scale projects such as the nether highway. I believe if nether claims are turned OFF , exploring the new nether will move MUCH faster than it would with claims. Also, the community as a whole can partake in large scale projects such as a nether highway without worrying about tons of random claims in their way. Down below I’ve attached a poll for you guys to take

    But What about griefing?

    I believe there WILL be some griefs from time to time. Ice on the highway will surely be broken. Portals will be vandilized. And even bed bombs will go off. But if there are NO claims, the community as a whole can work together to find these culprits. It will bring on a new age of an extensive amount of MORE minerals, as no chunks will be claimed, and more ores (such as the new gold blocks in the nether) can be brought home without claims blocking you from mining them. There may not be large scale portals (such as the mega mall one) but surely everything will work fine. Everyone will work together to repair. Everyone will work together to build. This community is filled with nice and outstanding people, and I believe together, we can pull this massive project and idea off.

    But What If it still fails?!

    if the suggestion ultimately fails in the end due to MASSIVE griefing and vandalism , I believe the nether will have to be brought back with claims. It’s the IDEA and the fact that we TRIED that makes it worth it in the end. If it fails, well, it’s not the end of the world. It WAS a new fresh nether after all.

    More community members coming together to build the nether highway.
    More resources coming into the mainland (gold, basalt, netherite)
    Much more people will travel to the nether.


    Lots of griefing may happen
    There’s a chance some people may ruin a MASSIVE new experience.
    There won’t be massive builds (such as the mega mart portal) for the fear of it being greifed.

    Ultimately I believe the pros outweigh the cons by a ton. I hope you’ll consider this idea. It can really help the server as a whole if utilized in the right way.
    • There are plenty of resources in the nether now that aren't claimed, you just have to go past the claims, as you do in the overworld.
    • You could not build a base or any project in the nether because it would be not be safe. This would be insanely harsh on players that mainly live in the nether, such as @TheCheshireCat.
    • This would create a massive amount of work for the server staff.
    Overall, nice idea but no.
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  2. NotEnV

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    I overall agree with what you’re saying here, people DO live in the nether and there will be a bigger workload on the server staff, and bases DEFINITELY won’t be safe. But it will lead to a bigger age of mining and underground nether exploration for the server. Like I said in the post, most projects made there should be made for the community to benefit from as a whole, such as the Nether Highway which currently has not been built because of existing claims blocking the way of many routes that would have been taken. The only thing stopping those types of things are ultimately the claims blocking the way.

    Now, as you mentioned, the staff workload WILL exponentially increase. We can solve this by
    A. Only letting groups of people into the nether at once allowing them to be watched a lot more closely
    B. Simply setting some of the moderator team for nether only.
    C. Community members simply watch their builds and build bases far away.

    I believe the problems most people see in this nether idea will be able to be solve with lots of trial and error. Everything great had some sort of problem in the making after all. It’s all part of the process.
  3. I don't dispute this is a nice idea but is simply isn't practical. People don't want to have to check and rebuild their nether projects every week. Another practical issue is deciding ownership of builds, without claims will a mod have to go through the server logs from the start of the nether to decide who's a base is if there is a dispute?

    In regards to your suggestion A, how do you intent to police who is allowed in the nether? Given that anyone can construct a portal and just walk in? You cannot easily limit who goes into the nether.
    Looking at point C, doesn't building bases far away defeat the point of a nether highway? A nether highway would connect the community, so building far away from others really defeats that.

    Generally though there is not a storage of places to mine and explore in the nether, you just have to travel a bit from the warps. In addition some nether highways do exist, some players have made ones to their bases or builds. Claims do make highways harder but this is the same for overworld highways and there are plenty, which are great to explore and see the server!

    Like I said it is a nice idea, having no claims and everyone working together but sadly it isn't really practical. Having no claims in the nether is no different from having no claims in the overworld. The overworld can still be explored, resources can still be gathered, and highways can still be build, with plenty of player claims.
    I do like your idea though and I think perhaps admin claimed paths running out from the nether warp, as they do from the overworld spawn might go someway to helping people access the nether and build highways.
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  4. Agreed. The nether is very annoying to traverse currently, and it would be nice to have some extra rules about claim-blocking nether tunnels and suchlike, but an idea like this could never work. The point of the claim system right now is to stop the staff having to do an impossible amount of work.
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  5. When 1.16 hits, the entire server is going to suddenly interested in nether exploration when they could care less now. It is going to be a wasteland due to the fact that we have set homes and people can empty out the resources quicker. Claiming nether space to allow yourself time to mine it on your own timeline is going to be a thing. The next wave is going to be people claiming entire bastions/fortresses/biomes for preservation and then to sell.

    I'd rather see the 45 day claim rule apply to all claims in the nether instead of getting rid of claims.
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  6. Hi, NotEnV I appreciate your enthusiasm for your idea, but there are quite a few issues with your idea which I will be going through below.
    For some backstory, I have been on this server for 4 years now and I have been a mod for getting close to two years. For all four years, I have been a player, people have griefed claims in the overworld that were not claimed knowing that they were not allowed to. There is no way for the community to find the "culprits" of griefing because they simply do not have the permissions. All of the work of finding people, rolling back claims, and punishing people would inevitably fall on only the staff team. Right now, a lot of the nether is unclaimed or not used because we plan to reset it in 1.16. Removing claims would honestly just have a negative effect on the community. We already told them not to build once because we were resetting the nether, but now we tell them they can't build unless they want to be griefed?

    I've known the people on this server for 4 years and it's grown and changed. Some people will work together to repair and build this if implemented, but others will just purposely destroy the builds.

    A) We can't control the number of people in the Nether
    B) No mod would want to purposely set themselves up with hours of unlimited work daily doing something that is completely preventable.
    c) The point of claims is so people dont have to watch their bases/builds.

    Overall, the thought of your idea is cool but the overall implementation would not work with this server.

    Thank you for the suggestion,
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  7. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    I like the general idea but I feel the cons outweigh the pros, I'd rather see a random warp button added to the nether rather than not allowing claims entirely.

    As ex staff, griefing would be rampant and staff would get overloaded fairly quickly having to do lookups, and rollbacks.

    Along the lines of "the community catching the culprit" the absolute only way for this to happen would be for someone to catch them in the act, and even then that doesn't mean griefer A thats griefing structure A, also griefed structure B, you'd have to catch them in the act of both. As flower said, only staff have a reliable way of catching griefers without having to actually catch them in the act.

    Right now the builds in the nether are probably "not fully optimized" because the nether in its current state is only used when someone needs something that can only be found reliably there.
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  8. Crange

    Crange Recruit

    In the previous map we had on this server, we had an extensive system of nether highways. Prior to the reset, most of the warps were connected in the nether, and many people branched off the existing highways.
    Here is a rough map of the highways we had. Nethermapagain.PNG
  9. Crankt

    Crankt Recruit

    I agree with lkith. A random TP button would be super awesome for the nether if it is possible.
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