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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Agt_Montag, Dec 9, 2021.

  1. Agt_Montag

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    Just saw a Ban Appeal for an inappropriate name and thought that was a silly thing to be banned for.

    With how active the staff team is,
    Why would you default to a ban over simply using /nick and manually changing the member's name to something both server and the user could agree on?

    If the member refuses all suggestions THEN I could see the justification for a ban.

    Of course, they wouldn't get a super colorful name until they ranked up.

    But then, at least you can retain more members who actively want to play here instead of excluding them over something that is easily fixable. ​
  2. Agt_Montag

    Agt_Montag Villager

    Doing this would also:
    * Reduce ban appeals for such matters
    (You don't have to go through the bureaucracy of checking to see if a person actually changed their name to let them back on)
    * Save keystrokes cause you don't have to write the duration of the ban and a justification.
    * New players get a better preferred name (That's more appropriate)
    * and New players get to experience the server (Increasing your member count)

  3. doubex1

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    Well to start your suggestion alone doesn't change join messages or their name in tab or above their head, which is still visible to all. Players are confronted upon joining are asked to change their name, and upon refusal they are banned. As this is a family friendly server inappropriate names have no place on the server in any capacity. As well /nick is primarily reserved only for donation ranks of 5$+. Thank you for your suggestion though.
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  4. Agt_Montag

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    This server has no way to change names for joined players and TAB?
    Sounds like something you all could look into...
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  5. Eugene H. Krabs

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    I believe something does exist that changes tablist name and join message. However it don't think it changes the name displayed above players.

    Like mentioned above, I don't see why this would be needed. It's still a family friendly server after all, I don't see why preferential treatment would be needed.
  6. doubex1

    doubex1 Moderator Moderator

    Changing tab names and those above a player, would change our "semi-vanilla" rating. Part of the whole vanilla feel is not clogging up your screen with tons of colors in a player name tag or in tab etc. Since all players would be able to display their very colorful name tags. It also increases the need for players to /rn (nickname), so in-fact there would be a larger amount of keystrokes if that's what you're worried about. Which also just reverts back to being able to see an un-allowed name.
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  7. Amma

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    As a mother whose children play on this server, NO.

    This isn't a fix. It's like putting a painting over a hole punched in the wall. Their actual IGN is still shown every time they log in/out, in tab, in the list that comes up when you start typing, if they donate/someone donates on their behalf, and many other times. This also allows for a situation where newer players may not realize the name is inappropriate and refer to the player by that name.

    Safe Survival is supposed to mean the server is SAFE for all ages. Maybe something sneaks through here and there (as is the nature of online anything), but having mods overlook something that repeatedly happens is completely uncool.

  8. For starters this is a safe environment, which means kids play on this server and secondly, doing what you suggested is pointless, for start /nick would only change the display name, if you were to log in, it will still show your original ign or in the tab list.

    Also the name has an inappropriate slur in it and it is not suitable for children and this server. It is fair and just that the person got banned for it until they change their ign to a ign that is appropriate and doesn't go against the rules of the server.

    If you dont like this idea, you are always welcome to leave the server, otherwise its the rules and it will not change.

    This server is meant to be a safe environment for both children and adults, as other servers i have seen are toxic and awful.

    The persons ban will stay until they are able to change the ign.
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  9. this has been suggested before /nick doesn't change the tab name and adding something that does would disqualify the semi vanilla tag on server lists

    edit: just scrolled up and saw this was the same post i was referring to don't know why the dude treated it like a new topic and denied some random persons ban appeal lol