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  1. In-game Name (Not Nickname): Nezukoii
    Age: 34
    Current Rank: Mythical

    Timezone: Central (U.S)

    What time(s) of day do you normally play: Weekdays alot during afternoons, early evenings and even past midnight.

    I can do dead hours during most of the week if need! (late night dead hours)

    Weekends might be a bit limited because i spend time with family on the weekends often.

    Past Mod Experience: None.

    What do you like or dislike about the server?: I love the friendliness of this server and the community is amazing. I can play this game without having to feel pressured and stressed. Ive been here for about a year now and i can say that this is a server i will always be glad to be a part of, whether i become a staff someday or not :) Honestly, nothing to dislike about this server. Well there is one thing, sometimes the community can get a little tense, but i guess no matter where someone goes there will always be that small percent of people who may try to cause trouble for others, such as drama and such.

    All the more reason to help keep this place more safe. Not just adults play this server, but kids too, players who have kids who also play as well, it's important to keep the environment safe for them especially. Kids Look up to older people as role models and the adults of this server should act like good role models and keep troublesome drama out of their view, they can easily get influenced by the actions of others. We all must take part in keeping everyone safe, adults and the kids both.

    Other Comments: I am willing to learn and i want to help keep this server safe, lately, i have been frustrated with myself that all i can do is report and i have recently seen my fair share of problems when mods are unavailable. I also would like to help for this server has done a lot of good for me and I want to help in anyway I can.

    whether if i be a chat mod or even an event staff I'll do my very best to my abilities to lend my hand to help this wonderful community and server.

    Discord: Nezuko#3358
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