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  1. Amrou Kithkin

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    Please post about your shop here!

    Name of Shop
    Warp Location
    What do you sell?
  2. PREMIUM Steak & Leather

    South of the desert warp!

    PREMIUM Steak - 1:64
    PREMIUM Leather - 1:32

    1 diamond per 2 balls!
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  3. 2019's Wood Chopping

    East Of End Warp
    1:64 Logs per Diamond, All types of logs sold.
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    Behind nether warp
    Community Mall. Hundreds of items sold here.
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  5. Community mineral shop @ Ice Spikes warp
    Iron blocks 1:4per dia
    (sometimes will be
    1:5 or 1:6 )

    Gold blocks 1:3per dia
    Lapis blocks1:32
    Redstone blocks1:32
    Coal blocks 1:48

  6. Cheshire's Wares from Elsewhere!
    Items from the nether/end including end rods, purpur blocks, chorus flowers, and quartz!
    Located southof the birch warp at these coordinates (1954,68,-4122)

    *Update: Now selling netherwart, soul sand, and magma blocks

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  7. Panda

    Panda Veteran

    Grand opening of the MWM

    we are located at the mushroom island warp

    We currently sell wood and redstone materials, but will sell more soon!

    wood is sold 80:1! Best price on the server!

    redstone prices vary between the items, but all are cheap!

    come check us out soon!
  8. CTK07Scout

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    <unnamed in a mall>
    Desert warp Straight forward
    Steak :p
    One emerald block for 80 steak (which is 1 dia for 5 stacks)!!!
  9. BEES?!?!
    Yes! Bees! Full Beehives, honey blocks/bottles and honeycomb all found in the BEE SHOP, WEST OF SAVANNA WARP. Some other items sold as well, along with an exchange and just across the path are RED STONE SERVICES.

    Find the LOCAL MARKET SHOP -West- From Savanna Warp, you can't miss it!!

    Buzz Buzz
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