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Discussion in 'Art' started by Arixana, Nov 22, 2017.

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    Many of you know me as Arixana in-game, but
    I also do art! I want to start doing pictures of
    people's minecraft skin in exchange for DBs.
    Depending on the complexity of the requested art,
    I'll be charging more DBs. Please remember, that
    art takes time and patience. I'll be posting
    the completed commissions on here,

    so check regularly! I'll also be posting
    art examples on here, once I rack a few up.

    Thanks, Ari~

    Package #1: 32DBs
    -Chibi Style
    - 1 Character
    - Simple Background
    -Simple Shading
    -Fullbody only

    Package #2: 64DBs
    -1 Character
    -Complex Shading
    -Simple Background
    -Head Shot

    Package #3: 64DBs
    -Your choice of:
    ~Shop Signature
    ~Town Signature
    -Changes are free

    Head Shot: Free
    Hip Shot: 6DBs
    Knee Shot: 8DBs
    Fullbody: 16DBs

    -ADD ONS-
    Extra Character: 16DBs Each
    Complex Background: 32DBs
    Complex Shading: 16DBs (Package #1)
    (Package 1&2)
    Drawing Type:
    Add Ons(If Any):

    (Package 3)
    Town/Shop Name:


    1. Muchorchar
    2. Rick


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  2. Lisard

    Lisard Recruit

    What is the difference between a simple and complex background? The number of colors, pattern, pattern vs actual place background?
  3. A simple background would be exactly as you said vs. The complex background which would be as you said, a location, such as a forest or beach.
  4. Fab

    Fab Recruit

    omg i really love your style of drawing hhh
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  5. Thank yooh :D
  6. NotYuj

    NotYuj Veteran

    would like one of these for myself and a friend, pm to get details etc
  7. Okay, Ari, that's kind of impressive :O
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  8. Ari could you make me

    Username: Muchorchar
    Package: #2
    Drawing Type: Head Shot (Profile Pic) & Full Body (Banner)
    Add Ons: Additional Character (My Skin Going After a Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe)[Banner]
    Total: 34 DB i think

    If You Could Do That I Would Be Soo Gratefull :)
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  9. AH Thank you all for requesting and for the support :3
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. NEW! Package 3!!!!! Here is an example:
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  12. Roott's Order <3
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  13. When is my order tho? (I can wait for perfection dont worry) :)
  14. Burr

    Burr Veteran

    Ari how much would it cost for a signature for the guardian farm?
  15. 64DBs :)
  16. Heck yeah.
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  17. Phaic

    Phaic Villager

    Question, would adding a dog (doge specifically) count as an extra character?

    Regards, Phaic
  18. Burr

    Burr Veteran

    Would it be possible to get a map art of a logo for extra?
  19. How much would it be if you did a picture of a wolf and blue background with the word “Wolf”

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