New Mystery Warp Release [on 2/25]

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    Hi everyone, we've prepared a special warp to be released next Sunday on 2/25 at 5 PM EST.

    We won't release any details about it now, but the button to warp will be in front on the fountain where the pvp and event buttons are.
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  2. The warp opens on my birthday I'll be 16 fox gonna have a party a couple days after
  3. Ever thought about making 1.8 spawn into the new spawn?


    - Much more space to expand
    - More Spacey
    - Memories

    The spawn we have is great considering the time staff had to make it before new map, but tbh 1.8 is best.
  4. Just seeing the spawn brought back memories but i was wondering will things that were added by old mods or things like the donor lounge. will they be added in future?
  5. I like new spawn the best tbh however the 1.8 did have some cool features Sarcasm :)
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