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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kiewoo, Dec 15, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    So as Shaz announced in discord recently we will be going up to 4 events per week. Aware current plan for the new schedule is:

    Tuesday - Headhunt

    Thursday - Treasure hunt

    Saturday - Spleef

    Sunday – Rotation (Obstacle Course -> Headhunt -> Treasure hunt -> Spleef)

    This schedule started today on 15/12/2020

    We are also currently thinking about making events at more of a set time and we would like your feedback on how we can best implement that. For now, we will also be stick to the 1 win per Spleef and Obstacle Course, If not enough players show up for an event, event staff are able to waive the win per session rule.

    Hopefully, these changes will allow more of you to take part and have fun with what we have been working on.

    Thanks Event staff
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  2. KingConn

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    I think announcing events at a set time is a good idea because it would make it easier for players to arrive on time and there hasn't been an event that isn't at absurd times like 1am for me for over a month.
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  3. i agree, events should also be rotated to fit different time zones, like the elder dragon respawn is. that’d be awesome if set times can be announced for events.
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  4. I agree with this, Most of the events where always after midnight for me, I do realize that this is because event staff is busy with real life aswell but maybe rotate it so that European/Asian players also get to have fun in Events without staying up untill 4 am
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  5. Yeah, it's like mostly americans can do the events while in other timezones like in England its 1am
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