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    Hey there everyone!

    Event staff has been discussing the idea of creating more of a set schedule for hosting (as well as making that schedule public to players), and we think we’ve finally figured out a good one! We also have a few extra changes and updates too!

    First of all, the new schedule will be starting next Tuesday, which is March 16th. Keep in mind that this is after the US switches to Daylight Savings Time.

    We will now be hosting within four designated time frames that will rotate fairly evenly at one-week intervals. These time frames are labeled “Europe,” “Eastern US,” “Western US,” and “Dead Hours.” Each time frame will be a defined two-hour window in which event staff must start the event.

    (The following four hyphens stand for “to,” not “through.” All times will have the same number values when US Daylight Savings rolls around, apologies in advance to those in Europe who will possibly be confused between the 14th and the 28th... We’ll live.)
    European events will have a time frame of 12 pm - 2 pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).
    Eastern US events will have a time frame of 5 pm - 7 pm EDT.
    Western US events will have a time frame of 8 pm - 10 pm EDT.
    Dead Hours events will have a time frame of 1 am - 3 am EDT.

    We are still doing four events per week, just like we’re doing now: Head Hunt Tuesday, Treasure Hunt Thursday, Spleef Saturday, and our rotational event on Sunday. However, the rotational event will now go between Obstacle Course, Treasure Hunt, and... Spleef… for now… owo

    The time frame rotation will be as follows:
    Week 1: Eastern US
    Week 2: Europe
    Week 3: Western US
    Week 4: Europe
    Week 5: Eastern US
    Week 6: Europe
    Week 7: Western US
    Week 8: Dead Hours

    All player feedback will be appreciated after we run this schedule for at least a few weeks; we want to try it first and see how the entire thing feels for players as well as for ourselves, lol.

    EU friendly Ender Dragon Respawns are going to be changed to line up with this new schedule! This means that when we host them, they will start at 12 pm EST. US friendly Ender Dragon Respawns will not change and will still start at 5 pm EST.

    If all this text is confusing and a bit difficult for you to wrap your head around, not to worry! We have a (sort of) new, nifty tool for you!
    Publicly introducing our new Google Calendar!! (The invite link doesn’t work on mobile from what I’ve heard, just a heads up, but it does work on mobile after it’s added)

    You can click on the link above (which will also soon be pinned to our Event Reminders channel on Discord) to add our event scheduling to your very own Google Calendar! We cannot see anyone added to it (unless you have permission to edit), so no need to worry about which email address you use for this; it’s simply for the sake of convenience. If you click on events, you will be able to set up notifications for yourself for each one that you wish to be notified about, and you can also see information about who might be hosting it. There are even general settings to add email notifications for when we update info on events and who’s hosting! I know that it’s a lot of detail for what we’re doing, but hey, if that helps more people be excited for what we have in store, we’re all for it! I for one love doing fancy stuff and this helps me learn and grow too. So enjoy! :>

    (Just a heads up, if you sign up for those email notifications that tell you when events are created/canceled/changed and if we ever change how events are scheduled, you may get spammed with LOTS of emails if the calendar is under maintenance (while creating this schedule I spammed myself with about 80 emails by adding all three email options, oops). We will notify everyone via discord if we are about to do so so that you have time to either anticipate them or unsubscribe from email notifications.)

    We have also made a couple of miscellaneous changes
    • Sort of like we do for Christmas where we take a break from hosting from Christmas Day to New Year’s, we will be taking one-week breaks from hosting during Easter and Halloween, starting on the day that each warp is released. This allows more of a draw towards the holiday warps during the first week and also gives us a bit of a break since we work so hard on getting those warps out to you guys.
    • Once our new schedule is implemented, when announcing weekly events, we will be using our Event Reminders Discord channel for 30-minute reminders. They will be followed with 15-, 10-, and 5-minute reminders in-game by our staff, followed by a Broadcast telling everyone that the event is starting.

    And last but not least, before you go:
    Event Staff applications are still open!! A lot of the applications are outdated so we’re not sure who’s still interested and who isn’t. If you’re still interested and haven’t posted since December 31 2020, please re-apply! :Shazdance: :CHONKY: We’re excited for the opportunity to add a new person (or new people) to our team!

    Thanks to everyone for being such an amazing community! We’re always happy to be here for y’all. :>
    - Event Staff
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  2. lolbenz

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    I like how week 8 is just "Dead Hours"
  3. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Yeaaa XD I'm gonna be totally honest, I had no better idea of what to call it. So I'm open to suggestions XD
  4. APAC maybe? Assuming these events are for like Asian/Pacific countries?
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  5. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    I can definitely bring that suggestion up to staff, thanks :D
  6. This is awesome! Great job!
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