New Buy-side Store: The Black Market Block Market!

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  1. In partnership with Horus and the team over at Desert Warp, I am happy to present to you the most advanced buy-side store created on Safe Survival:

    The Black Market Block Market!

    Unlike the vast majority of stores on Safe Survival, a buy-side store lets you sell your items in exchange for diamonds. These stores offer a reliable way for players to earn diamonds without the need for expensive warp claims or the redstone experience required to build their own stores. Historically, buy-side stores have been limited by at least one of the following three factors: speed, pricing, or item diversity.

    The Black Market Block Market excels in all three categories with the ability to buy over 324 different types of items at 12 different prices at a speed of 80 items per second.


    Simply head to Desert Warp and then head north until you see the large bird made of diamond blocks!

    What we buy:

    We currently buy over 200 different items at 10 different prices. Full lists can be found by clicking on the spoiler tags below. In-game lists sorted by price can also be found at the store’s location. Do you have an item you want to sell that we don’t buy? Leave a suggestion and we will be more than happy to consider adding it to our store!

    Of course, the following items and prices are subject to change to reflect market conditions. As the list is quite long, I recommend using ctrl+F to search for the items you are interested in. All items are listed by the formal name they are given in-game. Prices are listed next to each item in the format x:y where x copies of the item will result in a payment of y diamonds.

    Acacia Leaves (224:1)
    Acacia Log (128:1)
    Acacia Sapling (96:2)
    Amethyst Cluster (96:2)
    Amethyst Shard (192:1)
    Apple (96:2)
    Azalea (96:2)
    Azalea Leaves (160:1)
    Barrel (96:1)
    Birch Leaves (224:1)
    Birch Log (128:1)
    Birch Sapling (96:2)
    Black Concrete (192:1)
    Black Stained Glass (224:1)
    Blackstone (256:1)
    Blaze Rod (160:1)
    Block of Amethyst (96:2)
    Block of Coal (64:1)
    Block of Lapis Lazuli (64:1)
    Block of Quartz (64:1)
    Block of Redstone (64:1)
    Blue Concrete (192:1)
    Blue Ice (96:2)
    Blue Stained Glass (224:1)
    Bone Block (128:1)
    Book (96:1)
    Bottle o’ Enchanting (xp) (64:1)
    Bricks (160:1)
    Brown Concrete (192:1)
    Brown Mushroom Block (128:1)
    Brown Stained Glass (224:1)
    Calcite (32:1)
    Carved Pumpkin (160:1)
    Chain (64:1)
    Chest (96:1)
    Chiseled Deepslate (128:1)
    Chiseled Polished Blackstone (256:1)
    Chiseled Quartz Block (64:1)
    Clay (64:1)
    Clock (32:2)
    Coal Ore (256:1)
    Cobbled Deepslate (128:1)
    Cobweb (96:1)
    Cocoa Beans (160:1)
    Compass (32:2)
    Cooked Porkchop (192:1)
    Copper Ingot (64:1)
    Copper Ore (64:1)
    Crafting Table (160:1)
    Crimson Nylium (160:1)
    Crimson Stem (128:1)
    Crying Obsidian (32:2).
    Cut Red Sandstone (160:1)
    Cyan Concrete (192:1)
    Cyan Stained Glass (224:1)
    Dark Oak Leaves (224:1)
    Dark Oak Log (128:1)
    Dark Oak Sapling (96:2)
    Dark Prismarine (96:1)
    Deepslate (128:1)
    Deepslate Bricks (128:1)
    Deepslate Coal Ore (256:1)
    Deepslate Copper Ore (64:1)
    Deepslate Gold Ore (32:1)
    Deepslate Iron Ore (64:1)
    Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore (224:1)
    Deepslate Redstone Ore (224:1)
    Deepslate Tiles (128:1)
    Detector Rail (96:1)
    Dried Kelp Block (128:1)
    Dripstone Block (96:2)
    Dropper (96:1)
    Emerald (64:1)
    Empty Map (32:2)
    End Rod (96:1)
    End Stone (128:1)
    End Stone Bricks (128:1)
    Feather (96:1)
    Firework Rocket (Duration 1) (128:1)
    Firework Rocket (Duration 2) (96:1)
    Firework Rocket (Duration 3) (96:1)
    Flowering Azalea (96:2)
    Flowering Azalea Leaves (96:1)
    Furnace (128:1)
    Gilded Blackstone (32:2)
    Glass (256:1)
    Glow Ink Sac (96:2)
    Glow Item Frame (96:2)
    Glowstone (64:1)
    Gold Ingot (32:1)
    Gold Ore (32:1)
    Golden Apple (32:2)
    Golden Carrot (160:1)
    Gray Concrete (192:1)
    Gray Stained Glass (224:1)
    Green Concrete (192:1)
    Green Stained Glass (224:1)
    Gunpowder (64:1)
    Hay Bale (32:2)
    Honey Block (32:1)
    Hopper (32:2)
    Ice (128:1)
    Ink Sac (160:1)
    Iron Ingot (64:1)
    Iron Ore (64:1)
    Item Frame (96:1)
    Jack o’Lantern (64:1)
    Jungle Leaves (224:1)
    Jungle Log (128:1)
    Jungle Sapling (96:2)
    Lantern (64:1)
    Lapis Lazuli Ore (224:1)
    Lead (96:2)
    Light Blue Concrete (192:1)
    Light Blue Stained Glass (224:1)
    Light Gray Concrete (192:1)
    Light Gray Stained Glass (224:1)
    Lime Concrete (192:1)
    Lime Stained Glass (224:1)
    Magenta Concrete (192:1)
    Magenta Stained Glass (224:1)
    Magma Block (256:1)
    Melon (256:1)
    Moss Block (256:1)
    Mushroom Stem (96:1)
    Mycelium (256:1)
    Name Tag (32:2)
    Nether Bricks (block) (256:1)
    Nether Gold Ore (32:1)
    Nether Quartz (Item) (192:1)
    Nether Quartz Ore (128:1)
    Nether Wart (160:1)
    Nether Wart Block (160:1)
    Note Block (96:2)
    Oak Leaves (224:1)
    Oak Log (128:1)
    Oak Sapling (96:2)
    Observer (32:1)
    Obsidian (32:1)
    Orange Concrete (192:1)
    Orange Stained Glass (224:1)
    Packed Ice (128:1)
    Pink Concrete (192:1)
    Pink Stained Glass (224:1)
    Piston (32:1)
    Podzol (256:1)
    Pointed Dripstone (256:1)
    Polished Blackstone (256:1)
    Polished Blackstone Bricks (256:1)
    Polished Deepslate (128:1)
    Powered Rail (32:1)
    Prismarine Bricks (96:1)
    Pumpkin (256:1)
    Purple Concrete (192:1)
    Purple Stained Glass (224:1)
    Purpur Block (160:1)
    Purpur Pillar (160:1)
    Purpur Stairs (160:1)
    Quartz Pillar (64:1)
    Quartz Slab (128:1)
    Rail (192:1)
    Raw Copper (64:1)
    Raw Gold (32:1)
    Raw Iron (64:1)
    Red Concrete (192:1)
    Red Mushroom Block (160:1)
    Red Nether Bricks (96:1)
    Red Sand (256:1)
    Red Sandstone (160:1)
    Red Stained Glass (224:1)
    Redstone Comparator (32:1)
    Redstone Ore (224:1)
    Redstone Repeater (96:1)
    Redstone Torch (256:1)
    Sandstone (256:1)
    Sea Lantern (64:1)
    Shroomlight (64:1)
    Slimeball (96:2)
    Smooth Quartz Block (64:1)
    Smooth Quartz Slab (128:1)
    Smooth Quartz Stairs (64:1)
    Smooth Red Sandstone (160:1)
    Smooth Sandstone (256:1)
    Snow Block (192:1)
    Soul Lantern (64:1)
    Soul Sand (192:1)
    Soul Soil (192:1)
    Sponge (32:2)
    Spruce Leaves (224:1)
    Spruce Log (128:1)
    Spruce Sapling (96:2)
    Steak (192:1)
    Sticky Piston (32:1)
    Stripped Acacia Log (96:1)
    Stripped Birch Log (96:1)
    Stripped Crimson Stem (96:1)
    Stripped Dark Oak Log (96:1)
    Stripped Jungle Log (96:1)
    Stripped Oak Log (96:1)
    Stripped Spruce Log (96:1)
    Stripped Warped Stem (96:1)Target (32:2)
    Terracotta (128:1)
    Tinted Glass (96:1)
    TNT (32:2)
    Tuff (160:1)
    Warped Nylium (160:1)
    Warped Stem (128:1)
    Warped Wart Block (160:1)
    Wet Sponge (32:2)
    Wheat (160:1)
    White Concrete (192:1)
    White Stained Glass (224:1)
    Yellow Concrete (192:1)
    Yellow Stained Glass (224:1)

    Overload Protection:

    To take advantage of the full speed of the Black Market Block Market, overloading is highly recommended. However, please remember to only overload a single item type at one time.

    As with all stores I have designed on Safe Survival, the Black Market Block Market includes overload protection so that you can feel secure in the knowledge that you will always be paid the correct amount even if the store closes in the middle of your sale. The way this works is the store will close if it has fewer than 42 diamonds which means it can make 41 payments even after closing.


    While the Black Market Block Market is a complex machine, it is easy to use as long as you read the instructions posted in-game before using it. Improper use of the machine can lead to the loss of items. The store relies on twelve different filters corresponding to twelve different prices. If you have the incorrect filter selected for the type of item you want to sell, the store will not register your purchase.

    Bug Reports:

    Found a bug? Please report it to jhmoreira (Yossarian#7831) with as much information about what happened as possible. If items were lost, they will be returned in full.

    Currently known bugs:
    32:y overload bug. Date found: 12/13/2021. Date patched: 12/14/2021. Description: Overloadability of the 32:1 and 32:2 filters maxes out at 4 stacks. Cause: Torch burnout in the Programmable Pulse Divider due to the faster speed of the 32:y filters. The 32:y filters have been disabled while this is being patched. Thank you for your patience. If you were impacted by this bug, please reach out so you can be reimbursed!

    Filter Jamming. Date found: 1/29/2021. Date patched: TBD. Description: Attempting to summon two filters in the same game tick can cause the filters to jam and prevent the store from opening. To prevent this bug from occurring, do not spam the filter buttons. If it occurs, contact jhmoreira to fix the machine.

    How it works:

    The following section has been included for players curious about how the store functions. Reading or understanding the following is NOT necessary. If you are interested in further details (i.e. the specific circuits), please reach out to jhmoreira.

    The store can be divided into the following seven primary components (some minor components have been removed for simplicity):
    • The Hopper Speed Divide by 32 (DB32)
    • Swappable Filter Multi-Item Sorter (MIS)
    • Filter Selector (FS)
    • Programmable Pulse Divider (PPD)
    • Item Buffer (IB)
    • Temporary Storage (TS)
    • Shulker Loader (SL)
    The following visual aid will help explain the interactions between the patron, the input, the output, and these seven components.


    There are three ways you can interact with the machine: you can send the INPUT FILTER (IF) signal to the Filter Selector (FS), you can send the RETURN FILTER (RF) signal to the Multi-item Sorter (MIS), or you can throw items into the machine’s Input. If the MIS has no filter, the IF-signal sends a chest minecart into the MIS which then acts as the current filter. If the MIS has a filter, the RF-signal returns the chest minecart in the MIS to its original location in the FS.

    When you throw items into the machine’s Input, it sends them to the Divide by 32 (DB32) in stacks of 32 items per hopper tick. The 32nd item of this stack is separated from the rest and sent to the MIS, the other 31 items are sent to the Item Buffer (IB). Before sending the 32nd item to Temporary Storage (TS), the MIS checks if the item is contained in its filter or not. If it is, the MIS sends a pulse to the Programmable Pulse Divider (PPD).

    In addition to the pulses from the MIS, the PPD is also receiving a DIVIDE BY N (DBN) signal from the FS, the value of N changes depending on the current filter selected (this is how the machine controls prices). The DBN-signal tells the PPD to count N pulses from the MIS before sending 1 pulse to the machine’s Output. The pulse from the PPD tells the output to dispense 1 diamond. Once it has counted N pulses, the PPD resets to zero and the count begins again.

    As all of this is going on, the machine is transferring items from the IB to the TS and finally to the Shulker Loader (SL) which represents the long-term storage capacity of the machine. As the machine buys items at 32 items per tick and can only store them in long term storage at 1 item per tick, there is an obvious bottle neck. Thus, if the IB detects that it is roughly 70% full, it will send a LOCK signal to the Input to prevent the you from throwing in any more items until the IB has fallen below 70% capacity. LOCK signals are also sent to the Input by the MIS if it is missing a filter or by the Output if the machine detects fewer than 42 diamonds in storage (these signals are left out of the diagram to reduce clutter).
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  2. This machine is a work of engineering marvel and I recommend that everyone go try it out.
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    The lights are on indicating "in stock", but the input hopper is locked out. Item storage needs to be emptied maybe?
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    This seems great!
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  5. Yeah, I was away for a few days due to the holidays and the storage filled up. I agree that this could be quite confusing! I'll add a light that indicates when the store is closed due to a storage lockout. Thanks for checking out the store!