New Building Materials Shop at Desert Warp!

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    A brand new collection of stores with super-competitive rates will be opening in Desert Warp this Saturday at 2 pm PST. There will be a drop party and there will be food at the grand opening launch party! ​

    Shops included are:

    Wood Shop

    ALL 96 for 1 diamond - Super competitive rate!

    Super Brick Shop

    ALL 96 for 1 diamond
    • Sandstone
    • Bricks
    • Stone bricks [Normal, Mossy]
    • Mossy cobblestone
    64 for 1 diamond
    • Prismarine [Normal, Dark, Brick]

    Giant Bulk Shop!

    Sand: 12 STACKS for 1 diamond

    Gravel: 9 STACKS for 1 diamond

    Glass (Regular): 4 STACKS for 1 diamond

    Nether Shop

    96 for 1 diamond:
    • Nether bricks [Normal, Red]
    • Soulsand
    • Magma blocks
    64 for 1 diamond
    • Block of Quartz
    • Glowstone
    48 for 1 diamond
    • Obsidian

    Flower Shop
    ALL Flowers sold, except for wither roses and poppies.

    Lantern Shop

    48 for 1 diamond
    • Sea lanterns
    64 for 1 diamond
    • Lanterns
    We also take bulk orders!* Msg TimelordofLegend, Cosunde, or andypants ingame or find our discords on our staff board, located next to the wood section in our shop.

    *Targeted towards builders, bulk buyers, and build comp teams!

    Simply go to Desert warp from spawn and find the minecart station by walking along the orange line in the graphic below. From there, take the minecart rail line (in purple) and you will be deposited in front of our shop! (Boxed in green)

    Alternatively, you can use coordinates and walk there if you wish; the coordinates for the shop are 2927, -3463.

    Overall directory map!

    Minecart Rail Station!
    This is the rail stop; once here, stand on the pressure plate for a minecart, and off you go!

    You will be deposited here once you reach the end of the minecart line! The shop area is located inside the glass doors on either building to your right.
    Join us for our launch party this Saturday at 5PM EST (Or 2pm PST)! We hope to see you there!

    - TimelordofLegend, Cosunde, and andypants
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  2. Looks neat! I will definitely check it out.
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  3. RileyFS

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    love this shop, has amazing materials especially for build comp
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  4. Yes, this is like the perfect time to start a block based shop :) Well done!
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