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Do you think the nether should be reset?

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  1. oBlazin

    oBlazin Veteran

    I am calling for a nether reset. 100% of it.

    I have a few reasons for calling for this reset.

    1. The lack of materials, mainly glowstone:
    I spent a good 45 minutes today flying around the nether looking for glowstone and ended up with exactly 1 stack of blocks. It is natural that over time resources like glowstone and nether quartz will be depleted, but players that need those resources now lack a way to get them

    2. Inactive claims/Ugly warp:
    For the most part, the Nether Warp is a pretty site, but there are many inactive claims surrounding the warp area that are empty, providing no use, and have trustlists miles long, so that they cannot be cycled into use. As well as this, there is one claim directly next to the warp which is a giant, rectangular hole that is, well, ugly. There are many claims that fall under these conditions

    3. Pillars/Crossing Roads:
    I don't think I really need to say much about this. If you've ventured to the nether, and gone adventuring, you've seen them. Glowstone pillars that have not been removed, that are hideous, and horizontal pillars from island to island

    I am suggesting that 30 days from the decision, the nether warp is cleared. This will give players a chance to remove builds, and reobtain their blocks from the nether before it is wiped.
  2. Amrou Kithkin

    Amrou Kithkin The Dread Pirate Moderator

    for number 3 are you talking about the things players without elytras leave behind after getting glowstone?
  3. Tau434

    Tau434 Veteran

    I won’t dispute your points, but I would like to voice an alternate opinion.

    I think we have to be careful when using subjective descriptions like “ugly warp.” It can be hurtful for someone who may have put a lot of time into their work to have it be mocked as hideous.

    I agree that glowstone and quartz are more difficult to find, but I don’t mind it as it’s part of the challenge of multiplayer. In my walking of the Nether I actually found a good amount of both - they were just tucked away and out of plain sight.

    Finally, I think of all the players who depend on nether highways to link their bases. Wiping the Nether would destroy this work - and I don’t think it would be fair to do so lightly.
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  4. oBlazin

    oBlazin Veteran

    Yes I am
  5. Perhaps expand the nether regions or set up a quartz/glowstone mine (can be reset for a couple xp levels) which had mainly netherrack with small bits of glowstone and quartz scattered inside the mine. It could be similar to the typical mine on a prisons server.
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  6. ABashfulbear

    ABashfulbear Moderator Moderator

    I don't understand your point, there is plenty of resources in the nether, although perhaps not near the nether warp due to high activity. If you are struggling to find resources I suggest you use the random warp and make a nether portal. That should put you far enough into the nether to find resources. I also agree with @Tau434 on the issues that a reset would cause. Not to mention the effects on the economy of the server, beacon prices would rise sharply. I do however, need to state an interest here as I own a nether fortress which I am working on, I would be extremely displeased were that to be wiped. Furthermore, I object to the suggestion that players should lose their hard work to benefit players who have not done so. Finally as someone who has done a large amount of work in the nether, I strongly object to the 'ugly warp' statement.
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  7. Personally, I'd like a reset for the nether, because I feel like I have to walk really far to get a claim, resetting it would be a great idea
  8. Honestly, what works very well for me, is that I just travel to the edge of the world, and then I make a portal. Everything is untouched at that point. You don’t even need to go all the way to the border. A solid 80% of the Nether has probably never been seen, and probably 85% is still untouched. There’s a lot of Nether to explore.
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  9. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    On one hand I think a reset would be very beneficial, on the other, all of this is just going to happen again, especially the last point of yours.
  10. A reset would be great if it wasn't for nether tunnels. While those exist the nether's not going to reset.
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  11. oBlazin

    oBlazin Veteran

    Yeah, I do see the point that some players have worked extremely hard on their nether tunnels and roadways. I wish there was a way around this :/
  12. *shouts expand the nether loudly*

    *all arguments about a reset cease*
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  13. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Disregard Thomas and the poll, reset anyway. -Pulls out nukes-
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  14. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    You can not just expand the nether as it is connected to the overworld. I bet when 1.14 comes out, there will be a world expansion both in the overworld and the nether too as it is in direct correlation with the overworld.
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  15. The nether warp is one of the most active warps. I am highly against a reset since my claim is on admin and because of all the player built highways in the nether. Expansion would be much better.

    P.S the guy who owns the hole claim is inactive. After 3 months, somebody can take his claim.
  16. Another no from me, I've found plenty of glowstone in the nether from my own portal way out near mushroom island warp.
  17. oBlazin

    oBlazin Veteran

    It has been longer that 3 months, the problem is that their trustlist has lots of people on it, who even if they did nothing with it, it would still sit for 90 days before being passed on to the next person. There is a problem here
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  18. A way to buy glowstone from spawn would be a good addition maybe? It is possible to get glowstone, it is just very time consuming and boring.
  19. SunSeek

    SunSeek Villager

    Grinding witches and villager Priests are so far is the only way I know to get glowstone. I thought it used to be in the Billy shop or am I mistaken. At least before the wipe, I thought.
  20. Mine diamonds -> Buy emeralds -> Trade for glowstone -> Enjoy glowstone? :)
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