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  1. If you would like to buy any of these items, please DM me in game (TheBenana_) or reply to this forums post.
    Items marked in RED are sold out.
    All prices are negotiable.

    Fishing Rod - 15dbs
    Diamond Shovel - 15dbs
    Diamond Hoe - 15dbs
    Diamond Sword - 15dbs

    Bee - 5dbs
    Zombie Horse - 6dbs
    Pig Spawn Egg (2 in stock) - 5 diamonds each

    Mining Potion - 1db
    Swimming Potion - 1db

    Server Rares:
    Jammed Crossbow (loaded) - 4dbs
    Spooky Firework - 3dbs

    Other Rares:
    Beacon - 4dbs
    Enchanted Golden Apple (2 in stock) - 3dbs each
    Totem of Undying - 7dbs

    Shulker Box - 3dbs
    Ghast Tear (10 in sock) - 1db for 2
    Snout Banner Pattern - 5 diamonds
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