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Discussion in 'Selling' started by Ben569483, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. If you would like to buy any of these items, please DM me in game (TheBenana_) or reply to this forums post.
    Items marked in RED are sold out.
    All prices are negotiable.

    Fishing Rod - 15dbs
    Diamond Shovel - 15dbs
    Diamond Hoe - 15dbs
    Diamond Sword - 15dbs

    Bee - 5dbs
    Zombie Horse - 6dbs
    Pig Spawn Egg (2 in stock) - 5 diamonds each

    Mining Potion - 1db
    Swimming Potion - 1db

    Server Rares:
    Jammed Crossbow - 4dbs
    Spooky Firework - 3dbs

    Other Rares:
    Beacon - 4dbs
    Enchanted Golden Apple - 3dbs
    Totem of Undying - 7dbs
    Shulker Box - 3dbs
    Ghast Tear (10 in sock) - 1db for 2
    Snout Banner Pattern - 5 diamonds
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  2. Mist

    Mist Villager

    Hey Ben. I would like to buy a few things if they are still in stock. Msg me on the server or on discord. Mistayadrln
  3. What is a jammed crossbow? Screenshot please.
  4. It’s pretty much a crossbow that doesn’t shoot, it’s from secret billy.
  5. Not a crossbow that doesn't shoot, a crossbow that can't be cocked. It comes preloaded with a single arrow, which it shoots just fine.
  6. You can purchase Jammed Crossbow from Secret Billy with 1 barrel + 1 regular bow. The lore is just "Deluxe Non-Working Crossbow", with 1 arrow loaded.
  7. Is it still available? Why is it 4DB?
  8. Yes, still available from Secret Billy. People like to try to get away with upselling items as "rares" since others may not be aware of the billy (or cannot find it).
  9. where is secret billy?