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  1. Hey there, everyone!

    My name is Lily. You'll know me better as W3dnesday13, LazyGoth, or DressedToDepress. My pronouns are She/Her.
    I've been on the server since at least 2017. I don't play as much as I used to, due to work/mental health/irl stuff. I'm working on being more active, though!

    Some facts about me:

    1. I love anime! If you ever need some recommendations, I'm the one you should come to!
    2. I'm really into photography. I have a photography thread on here [which needs to be updated] that you could check out, if you'd like to.
    3. I'm terrible at multi-tasking, which is why I don't have a proper base yet, just a bunch of unfinished projects and chests everywhere xD
    4. I like to help people. I'm always answering questions and giving away things. My most recent giveaway was for $5 ranks :3
    5. I really dislike bigotry and bullying. I want everyone to get along and to embrace your differences! :)
    6. I'm an avid reader, and would love some recommendations on books, as well as give others recommendations :D I really like dystopian/mystery/sci fi/anything fiction, really.

    I hope that you all enjoyed learning a bit more about me. Thank you for reading :D
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