My Color Program (and random hex code generator!)

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    Forewarning; I've been verbally and physically /warned for using this program's text in SS chat, so it would be best to use this program for use solely in PMs, or for nicknames.


    A few months back I was experimenting with color chat and wanted rainbow text easily, so I bodged together a C++ program that would concatenate the color markers for rainbow onto text, leaving a beautiful slew of rainbow in chat.

    As I got more bored, and more interested in developing the program, I added a random color feature, which will add one of the 16 colors to each letter randomly, as well as in order. Finally, I added schemes other than rainbow, which each correlates with the ranks that have (in my opinion) the most pleasing color schemes.

    The program itself is fairly easy to use and will give you instructions on how to use it. That said, I will give a brief rundown of how the program works.

    Do note that because the code uses Windows-specific APIs, you may need to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables to run the program, if you choose to.

    [MINOR EDIT: As of Windows 10, if an application is not signed by a publisher, SmartScreen will attempt to block it. To use the program you will need to click 'More info,' and 'Run anyway.' Further on in this post, there is verification that my program is not a virus]

    After launching the program, you will see the following screen, asking you to select a color scheme:


    Select a scheme, and press enter. You will then be asked to enter an input (this is the text you would like to be 'color-ified` so-to-speak):


    For the Hex Blender, you will need to enter 2 hex values without hashtags or ampersands, followed by an input:


    If you would like a list of commonly used hex codes, simply type "Help" when the program asks you to enter a hex code:


    Press enter again, and the program will close automatically. The output text, or again, the 'color-ified' text, will be in your clipboard and can be accessed in-game using Ctrl + V

    As for downloading, I do realize that cybersecurity is important and that an .exe file from a most-likely stranger on the internet might not seem safe, so the file hash for my program is:

    You can check VirusTotal's breakdown showing no malicious code here. (Secureage Apex is known for false positives). As for downloading the file, I will tentatively give this Mediafire link, however, when that dies, I will send the program via PM on discord instead.

    If you want the full source code for the program, that can be found here. Finally, if you have any questions about the process, why I chose C++, or how to use the program, feel free to send me a PM on discord (Daveed#2696), and I will be happy to answer any queries you might have.
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  2. are there more schemes than the ones listed?
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    The schemes in the second screenshot are the only implemented, however, with a basic understanding of C, it is very simple to implement your own by compiling the source yourself. I will not be any further updating the code myself.
  4. imo you should expand it by asking for a primary color, or if they want a brightness or color fade
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    Again, feel free to edit the code yourself! You have the source available to you!
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  6. Finally my nickname colours can match my rank colours (after shaz updated the ranks to use hex) and this will be a useful program I bet

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