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  1. In-game Name (Not Nickname): MusicOwner
    Age: 24
    Current Voting Rank: King
    Current Donor Rank: Mythical
    Timezone: CEST (Central European Summer Time)
    What time(s) of day do you normally play: I play quite a bit during dead hours around 10/11 am and 2pm-5pm and also before bed from 10pm to midnight or little bit later.
    I mainly work from home so even while working i'm sometimes afk reading chat in the backround

    Past Mod Experience: I had my own server in 2012/13 with a couple friends(around 20 Players) I Mostly did work like: Helping players out, catching hackers, Moderating chat, building minigames/hosting events.
    It was fun while it lasted but at the time I was just fed up with jumping on to play mc just to go into /v and checking mines for possible xray (luckely most players didnt try to hide it....)

    it became more of a "how many new players do I need to ban for cheating" then "how many players can i help today"

    in 2015 shortly before joining safesurvival I was a Mod on a (dying) server
    the server still had around 30 players, but when i desided to leave the staff team the server was down on its last legs. as a mod they wanted us to be in creative, that became boring over time and most new players that joined that server where not there to play, rather they just wanted to see if they could break the server.

    but after over 5 years of not being a moderator on a server I feel like i'm refreshed to take on a new challenge :D

    What do you like or dislike about the server?:

    I like the community of the server most players are really nice, I've made some really nice friends on here+ it is easy to get started
    The staff team are doing a great job in keeping the server safe and friendly.
    In my years of playing I don't have many dislikes about the server but here's just some

    Chat can be somewhat spammy at times
    Sometimes it feels like there is a lack of communication
    between staff and players.

    Other Comments: The server is a really nice place to hang out and talk to people, so just keep going

    Much love and stay safe, MusicOwner <3
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