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Would you guys pay 5DB for a chance at Galaxy/Comparable Rank?

  1. Yas! :D

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  2. Nah :/

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  1. Rougar

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    So, as many of you know... I'm slowly working on a Park at Mega Taiga Warp. I've decided to make things a little fun, I want to do a Monthly Galaxy Event where the winner will win Galaxy (or a rank comparable).

    However, I will require a "5DB" Entry Fee. This fee will go to the prize pool for weekly Musical Chair Event. The Galaxy Event will be held the last Friday of every month (Starting July 26th)*Time to be determined ((As long as at least 5 people signup, First 10 players to signup and pay will play))** if not enough players signup a full refund will be given.

    I will also do a weekly DB Musical Chair Event that's Free to Enter.
    First Place: 8DB
    Second Place: 2DB
    (Prizes subject to change based on players that played the Galaxy Event)
    All DB collected at the park will be used in the prize pool for the park.

    The whole entire park is a huge work in progress with Many more things to come. I appreciate any thoughts, recommendations, or comments! :D I really want to do something for the server and have something at a warp that will have something for people to do!
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  2. KelseaJ

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