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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shazepe, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Shazepe

    Shazepe Admin Admin

    I made a similar post on the old forums. I was wondering what type of forums everyone would want us to add. Could be discussion or server related forums, but was mostly thinking of adding some more discussion forums. Post your suggestions here.
  2. Communities board under Creations, like old forums? Before we start having *shudders* election posts.
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  3. forum games. off topic.
  4. Communities Forum Redstone Forum Movies/TV Shows Forum
  5. Huib

    Huib Recruit

    Social Media topic, where you can discuss wich YouTubers you like more.
    Or just talk about things that are happening in the Twitch/Youtube/Twitter community.
    Also people are allowed to post something about their channel in that topic.
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  6. Burr

    Burr Veteran

    I wish we had a forums game section ;)
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  7. Huib

    Huib Recruit

  8. Forum games would be really cool. Make a wish was really fun :3
  9. Burr

    Burr Veteran

    I also have other ideas for other forum games which I will make threads for if Make a Wish ever dies down :)

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