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    Name: My IGN:TheMoper, but you can call me Mope or Matt.

    Age: 23

    Time Zone: CST

    I’m applying to event staff because I love building. I also have a wide knowledge of the game and many aspects of it, including redstone that I would like to use in aid of the server. Recently having joined in build comp I took pride in being placed in a team with such amazing players. I immediately became a workhouse, dedicating about 10-12 hours every day to jobs such as: terraforming, assisting others on their projects, organizing by providing daily updates and advice, evaluations of the build with other members, texturing and adding intricate detail around the plot, building an underground temple ruin, designing and creating statues and major parts of the temple, taking part in providing motivation and support to the team in discord as we spent lengthy hours grinding and building as a team. I proved myself as a mentor and even as an advisor, assisting with a spontaneous and creative architecture while creating the astonishing main castle of our impressive build. Pouring my heart into so many hours of this mega build reminded me why I truly enjoyed and was intrigued by Minecraft. Sparking my idea to begin a new mega build with another dedicated team member immediately following the end of build comp. We’ve already made a few leaps in progress, mapping out redstone testing and itemized exterior detailing and of course lots of terraforming. Please pm me for cords.

    I’ve come to you with a few ideas and I’ve seen a few of them pasted on other peoples applications such as a map for hide and seek or a build for tag. I enjoy those ideas and would love to make them happen. I also have a few ideas of my own. I would love to come up with a few redstone operated mini games people could play without the assistance of staff members. I will probably do this in my own claim and charge dia for playing if it isn’t made for the server, which is fine by me. I also would love to see a few more pvp events and some archery games using the new target blocks, we could also use the newest build comp maps for head hunts. Lastly and this may be more of a moderator thing, but a few examples set at a warp of certain farms showing examples of how to hold and kill mobs in a way that isn’t against server policy. I believe this would help reduce the number of interactions required between mods and players and clearly iron out what is allowed. It should let people rest easy knowing that their farm wont get them a warning or a ban because they are not sure or standing in a grey area.

    Redstone has always been an interest of mine as I enjoy the problem solving aspect it provides. I went to school to be an electrical engineer for a few years before deciding on a different career path so it is somewhat second nature. I could use a bit of a brush up on command blocks, but would be glad to do my own research.

    I would be glad to help build any project from event maps to new warps. I am an avid builder and would be glad to lend a hand. I can even make models on test servers to be placed into the actual server.
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