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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oBlazin, Aug 10, 2020.

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    It may seem like this issue does not apply to a large population of the server, but there are more mythical-ranked players than it would seem. That said, I speak only for myself in this post, and I'm going to do my best to keep this non-opinionated.

    The Mythical Rank costs $249.99 (USD). It is a conscious choice of players to support the server, and I am not at all saying that I regret purchasing the Mythical rank. The rewards section, however, has the following line:

    Bonus: Any time a unique random drop item is created (items with unique enchants such as Mighty Putty) you will receive a copy as a part of a monthly package for the rank which can be claimed from this store.
    This is what this post will be mainly focusing on. Firstly, this description could imply one of two things. It could mean that if there is a unique random drop item created, there will be a mythic pack that month, and if not, there will not be one. However, the way it is phrased, it implies that there will always be a mythical pack, and if there is a unique item made, it will accompany the normal pack.

    The elephant in the room, here, of course, is the fact that Mythical packs have at best become a bimonthly reward. This is being written on August 10th, and the current available Mythical Pack in the store is the June pack. 2 months ago. We did not get a July pack, we did not get a May pack.

    Before I continue on this I want to reiterate that this is my personal experience/opinion and that this only applies to the way the mythic pack is handled. That said, the following is from July 23rd (timestamps in EST).

    [22:05:40] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <| Blazer | *oBlazin> Shaz, we getting a mythic pack this month? :eyes:
    [22:06:04] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <| Owner | *Schoom> Whats a mythical pack
    It's become a 'meme' of sorts on the server to ask Shaz about mythic packs, however, this response (along with it not being accompanied by anything else), upset me a little. It would be one thing to give a straight "no," but to (even jokingly) try to brush off the fact that Mythic packs have been so infrequent- I digress.

    There have been a few people I have seen that have brought up arguments for Shaz, and I am not here to vehemently deny them, however, I will refute them.
    • There are not enough rare items to make a mythical pack every month.

      The Mythical pack usually contains 3-4 items, including heads, and custom items from the server. With the introduction of new server events (I'll use Treasure Hunt for ex.) new items are introduced that can be added to the Mythic Pack that month. A staff item (maybe Shaz's) or a custom potion that was added to the loot-tables. With all the new items that have been added in, there is no reason that a combination of a new head, and a new item or two couldn't make a good Mythical pack.

      Along with this, the June mythical pack introduced Unbreakable Iron Leggings. This excited me at first, as although I agree it would not be a good idea to release a different piece of unbreakable iron armor each month, perhaps every other, or every 3 months would be balanced, cycling through the pieces as the packs continue.​

    • Shaz has responsibilities other than the server to deal with.
    This one is going to be harsh, and analytical, so I'm sorry in advance. The SS server community is one I have not seen rivaled, and part of that is the minimal amount of disconnect that the staff team has with the general player base. This, however, cannot apply to the owner of the server. There is a certain level of professionalism that needs to exist there, and so I understand (purposefully or not) being disconnected from the players. When it boils down to it, however, the server store consistently makes more than the monthly goal, meaning the extra money is going to Shaz. This is a business, and not only that, it's a business that has a community attached to it. Part of business is managing and meeting the needs of the customers, where in this case the customers are the community. I do very much understand that the needs of a real-life job come before that of maintaining the server, but it should not mean that you sacrifice a part of the server instead of balancing. I do not know exactly how long it takes to make a mythical pack, as I do not have experience with this webstore UI, or the integration into the server, and that is something I would like to know, Shaz. I cannot, however, see it taking any more than 30 minutes, max.

    I understand that (especially in the world right now), there is a lot that goes on day to day, and that sometimes it really is impossible to find a spare hour or so to do something, however, you have other people to help you. I am not going to put words or push a job at anyone else here, but there is an entire team of staff that works tirelessly to upkeep the server as its backbone. If you cannot find time to make a Mythical Pack, someone else might be able to.
    • Why are you expecting a Mythical pack?
    This is by far the most upsetting of the arguments I've heard. There are people on the server who have gotten so used to the infrequency of the packs, that they forget that this was something that we were told would exist, and quite frankly, it doesn't.

    From section XI. of the SS User Agreement (which can be read here):

    Rest assured that no rank benefit, or any other item in the store, will be changed without a valid, server-balancing reason.
    However, also in this section:

    By donating to Safe Survival you are not entitled to any Physical or virtual good (...) Anything received will be as is and no warranty or guarantee it will always be available.
    Besides the fact that the two of these terms are borderline contradictory, I have two questions branching off of the two terms, respectively; 1: What server balancing reason is there to not give a monthly mythic pack? 2: If there is a systematic decision of which rewards are going to be followed up on, or which awards will be available especially ones that wouldn't be automated by the store, where will the line be drawn?
    Thanks for reading,
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  2. Amrou Kithkin

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    These are the only things I will address(Let Shaz deal with the rest):

    What I was told: The perks you get when donating are just a thank you gift for donating to the server.

    My thoughts as a player:
    1. Think about how many donation rank perks, vote rank perks, streak rewards, event rewards and vote bonuses there are. Trying to come up with a monthly package that does not overlap is not as easy as you may think. Plus with all of those items flooding the server, some on a daily basis, leads to a glut of items on the server. I think it should be spaced apart every few months.

    My thoughts as a player:
    2. There have been times when the server reset and some of those items were not replaced. There have also been times when a rank or a package has been retired and Shaz will no longer replace the things in those ranks or packages. I think everything should expire at some point because if Shaz replaced every single item from every single rank perk from day one of the server there would be so many items the server would most likely ssssssSSSTTT BOOM! Plus keeping track of that info I am guessing gets tedious as well.
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    My point in the final section was not so much "what gets replaced," as I agree that keeping track of that would be a pain. I'll edit the post to clarify, but the main gist of it is; if rewards are picked and chosen as to whether or not they'll be handed out, where would that stop?
  4. Amrou Kithkin

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    That would be Shaz question, I cannot answer on what his thoughts are on that one.
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    I do feel that the Mythical rank has seemingly become entirely worthless, you can now get unlimited sethomes and unbreakable diamond tools from lower ranks. I see the "monthly" myth pack as one of the few reasons that makes myth even somewhat worth it. I almost feel cheated, as the agreement that was made by the server was that I would be receiving a new set of special items every month and that has definitely not been the case.
    Now that Dragon is out and I can get unbreakable diamond tools for significantly less than Mythical, I no longer see there as being incentive to purchase the rank. I have stopped my donations to the server and purchasing of ranks for other players because I feel I am reinforcing bad habits.

    Frankly I am disappointed in the server for multiple different reasons, but I feel entirely disrespected by how the donation "system" has been handled.
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  6. Shazepe

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    I'm sorry if you feel like the donation system isn't being handled right, I thought the stuff I did give out in those packs was generous and I never intended to have a monthly pack of new Mythical items. It was always intended to be for what the description has always said, to give players a copy of unique items that are made and given out through drop parties (such as the items described there). The first time I did it was to give one of those items out and to give Mythicals a new item that was later added to the rank for fairness. The next month though there was massive demand from many Mythicals for some sort of pack. I made another, except instead of making one for it's original purpose I used it to give new exclusive items to players who bought the rank. So they kept asking for the same thing and I wanted to keep them happy.

    Mythical was made to be the last top donator rank for those willing and so I included many items you can't get anywhere else, comparing the list there's more than Dragon but it does look like there should be more. I will look into adding more to the rank, or creating a pack that follows a category of items to be given out to make sure it's worth it. It's not that I can't think something up, I just wanted to make the packs for the original purpose of the rank.

    Lastly, everything included is advertised clearly, cheating players will never happen here. I appreciate our donators and always do extra to ensure they're happy. I respond to their questions through discord whenever needed, and I'm still manually giving back rewards from up to 2 resets ago and I made sure everyone who needed something, got it.

    Hopefully this has answered your questions, stand by for changes to the rank.
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  7. Alsandair

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    I apologize, and I really do not intend to be rude; but the terminology does imply that the mythical pack is a monthly reward and is not being treated as such. I have attached a screenshot of the description of the mythical rank in the store, it states; "Any time a unique random drop is created (Items with unique enchants such as mighty putty) you will receive a copy as part of a monthly package for the rank which can be claimed from this store." The wording makes it seem as if there is a monthly package that becomes available to Mythical ranked players and when unique items are created for the server it is simply added to that pack for a month.

    I am not trying to be more of a nuisance than I typically am, but I know you to be a reasonable person. You must see the wording can cause confusion right?

    Apologies for run on sentences-Al

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  8. Shazepe

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    Np I don't think you're being a nuisance, yeah I see why that has caused confusion and I should've worded it differently. Instead of just saying "any time" it should say "if" and then there could be more clarification after just so everyone knows for sure. That description will change or go away soon once I modify the rank, will be away until Sunday so will have more info soon.
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  9. Lol my mans spends 200 dollars
  10. Alsandair

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    On second thought, there's no reason to reply to Crammedup. He's obviously baiting. I retract my past statement
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  11. As someone who is just as guilty of bugging Shaz and memeing about myth packs, I think we can find some middle ground if the wording was changed on the store. The way it is reads there are two ways to interpret it

    1. Each month there is going to be a myth pack with something cool inside
    2. For any given month, if a new rare is added to the sever (anywhere) they will all be added to a myth pack and be available to get. Hence why it is called the mythical promise.
    Depending who you ask, you will get one of those 2 answers. However shaz wants it to work is fine by me. Right now we don’t get a pack every month and as far as I know we don’t get interpretation 2 either. I would like to see the documentation on the rank changed to match which version Shaz intends it to be.
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