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  1. Hello everyone!

    This month Event Staff has created a new event called obstacle course that will be run on Mondays and Fridays throughout the month of May! Each time it is run it will have 5 rounds.

    Goal Of Obstacle Course:
    -Once the wall in front of you falls, you want to be the first to reach the end and press the button!
    -This race will require you to remove all armor, speed items, and potion effects! You may also not use tridents. You will race through one track that includes three different biomes. --
    -There are multiple ways to get through and be on the lookout for short cuts!
    -The prizes for this event include a new head (Doge), a diamond block, an emerald block, or a shulker shell!

    What Are Monthly Events?
    -Monthly events are small events to help engage the player base in a new way. As of now, we usually create large warps in months with holidays and host scheduled events.
    -With monthly events, there will be a small event in months with no major holidays or build competitions.
    -They allow for gaps in events to be filled and allows the player base to experience new events and former events to be brought back with different themes that are not specific to holidays.

    Current Planning For Monthly Events:
    - As of now, we are doing a 2-month trial run and we would love for your feedback regarding the concept and how to improve (see below).
    - For June the obstacle course will be replaced with a different event for players to experience.

    -Keep in mind this is a new concept we are trying out and there will be some minor issues.
    -We welcome any constructive feedback and ideas regarding how to improve the idea we have.
    -We may eventually ask for ideas from the community of what you want to see in monthly events, but as of right now this is just a trial run to see how you like the concept.
    -I will be posting a Google Forum at the end of this month to get your feedback on the obstacle course.
    -After 2 months I will post a separate form allowing everyone to give their feedback on whether or not they liked the concept and would like to see it continued.
    -If you have any feedback now you would like to give, please post below!

    As always, thank you everyone for being such a wonderful community and I hope you enjoy all of what Event Staff is planning for y'all :)
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  2. i have played it, it was really fun
    Just small suggestion if its even possible
    is it possible you can apply the invisible effect on all players so we can do the parkour perfectly
    Thank you.
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  3. I agree with Hikoo, It was hard to do some of the jumps with many players.
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