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  1. About my ban - this might help -

    Sorry for the hi-res

    So this shows that I do not have an active X-ray hack, yes? Now let's take a look at the trash bin.


    Shows no sign of any X-ray hack. Which proves my innocence in this matter.

    To the mods- you are being unfair. I was in the process of trying to provide proof for my side of the deal, and then you locked the post.

    So... yeah. Mind unbanning me now?

    (Rate this as you wish, won't affect me. And this is me proving my innocence, there is no disrespect towards anyone in this post.)
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  2. Mods- let me know if there is anything more I could post to help the matter.
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  3. Ikith

    Ikith Master

    Trash bin can be emptied item by item and there are tools to let you modify the time stamps on files, this isn't proof in the slightest.
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  4. Is there a image for your resource pack file, where the x-ray pack may or may not have been? Because I see nothing here that is actual proof

    But even then that’s date can be modified
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  5. RunE

    RunE Moderator Moderator

    This is not proof of anything though. I'm sorry, but you will just have to wait the 14 days.
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