Modern City Mega Project

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    This post is only to gauge interest in the project.
    No land will be assigned from any replies below.

    Good day Safe Survival!
    I am making this post to see who would be interested in joining a modern city group project.
    There will be many restrictions on what types of buildings can be built in the city, their location, and how much they can overhang the sidewalks.
    Shops will be restricted to Floor 1 interior of each building to reduce lag in the area, but you can decorate multiple floors for fun. (Like Spawn)
    Similar to a shopping mall, the land will only be trusted to players, not transferred.
    There is no residential district. No houses or bases.
    Think more Downtown theme: Tower, Fast Food, Fire Station, Hospital, Shops, Gas Station, Park, etc.
    If you are interested in joining this project, by yourself or as a team, please comment below.
    If you know somebody that can build really well in this theme, tell them about this.
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  2. I'd be totally down for this project!! :D
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  4. Howdy? Howdy
  5. I will join if i get unbanned, I’d love to join but I’m on a permaban rn.
  6. Yes