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Discussion in 'Selling' started by NotYuj, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. NotYuj

    NotYuj Veteran

    christmas star(2x) - 64db each
    mr bone's forearm - 7db
    spooky t-shirt - 6db
    these heads: https://gyazo.com/05abd43962d1d4d9dee2c55bbfaccd60 - 3db each
    christmas cap - ?? taking offers
    ghast tears(6x) - 6 diamonds each
    beacon - 11db
    unbreaking 8 gold pickaxe - 4db (pretty low durability, you can add mending I guess)
    unbreakable diamond pickaxe with fortune 3 and efficiency 5
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  2. NotYuj

    NotYuj Veteran

    updated w/ a few more items and crossed off what's already been sold.
  3. Notyuj
    I will buy the pinky head, save it 4 me I will be on Friday.
  4. Panda

    Panda Veteran

    Is the Pic's durablitlity broken at all?
  5. I'll buy the ham head plz.

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