Minecraft Color Codes

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    &0 - Black
    &1 - Navy
    &2 - Green
    &3 - Cyan
    &4 - Red
    &5 - Purple
    &6 - Gold
    &7 - Light Gray
    &8 - Gray
    &9 - Blue
    &A - Lime Green
    &B - Light Blue
    &C - Light Red
    &D - Pink/lavender
    &E - Yellow
    &F - White
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  2. what is this for
  3. A quick reference for Epics/Mythicals/Staff Members to be used on signs and in the chat.
    This is also for general donators to be used with the /nick command.
    For instance, the way I do my rainbow "Welcome! ^o^" is like this: &4W&6e&el&ac&9o&1m&5e&d! &e^o^
    Rainbow welcome is copyright by me btw so dont go copyin it
  4. Im guessing that non donaters cant use it
  5. Nope
  6. what. so Regulars can use it or they can't?
  7. Regular is a vote rank, meaning they can't use it (No /nick, or in chat/signs).
    Galaxy, Builder, Guardian, Epic and Mythical are the donor ranks currently available, meaning they can use color in /nick (Epic + Mythical can use color in chat/on signs)
  8. Well, we non-Epics can use ONE color code - &f. Try it next time you're on!

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