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Discussion in 'Selling' started by Jaffasaurus, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Hi all, we've opened up a new map art shop, based off of the one we had pre-reset. To get there head to jungle warp, turn right and look for the purple beacons.

    Coords: 5125 64 -409

    We're currently looking for more maps to put into the shop. There are no fees involved when selling your map. Message Jaffasaurus here on the forums, discord at Jaffasaurus#0775 or in-game if you're interested in selling your art at the mall.

    All maps cost one DB unless stated otherwise.

    List of maps currently for sale at the shop:
    Ember_exe - Firewatch (top)
    Ember_exe - Firewatch (bottom)
    Louloubel - Windmill
    Louloubel - Cattos
    Louloubel - Pixel Dratini
    Louloubel - Pixel Pikachu
    Louloubel - B e e
    Louloubel - Butterfly
    Hikool - Flycheck
    LeenHaj - Sad snowman (1 diamond)
    CloverPetal - Faces of SS 2.0
    007Jam - Dragon
    Roscumber - Your name
    Roscumber & Danbraa - Frens
    Elytral - Anivia
    Enelis - Hmm
    sstari - Comrade Goos
    sstari - Peace was never and option
    2019 - Blues Clues
    WitherRose02 - Elephant
    CursedNeptune - Anime Girl
    CursedNeptune - We Bare Bears
    Community - Valentines day 2020 (1 empty map)
    Ice_Breaker97 - Froggo

    Thanks for reading.
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    Updated with new maparts.
  3. Jaffasaurus

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    Added Butterfly, Bee, Elephant, Anime girl, Valentines day 2020 and we bare bears
  4. Jaffasaurus

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    Added "Frens" by ros & dan and "Froggo" by Ice_Breaker97

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