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    As many of you know, K. (or as many of you might know him Kydog) was a very active member of this server, and loved it very dearly. When he first joined this server many years ago, he was poor as dirt, but he built up, started a store, and focused the majority of his time to build his empire. This server was the main way the K. and I would communicate; We had been childhood friends for years, but after I moved away we hardly talked. This magnificent server gave us something to talk about. Every day we would play on this server, laugh and have an amazing time. What I'm trying to say is this server meant a lot to us.
    Sadly, K. has passed away yesterday. I noticed that the dolphin behind spawn was a memorial for someone, and I was wondering if K. could have the same. It doesn't have to be big or anything, just something that others will see and remember K. Although I don't have the time of creativity to make it, maybe his head on a pillar near spawn with a sign, or something I don't know. But If this were possible I would be forever in your debt.
    Thank you,
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  2. I joined around the same time as Ky, and I haven't gotten to know him too well, however, I thought he was a really great player. He has made a meaningful impact on the server, and I will never forget him. I have had to deal with death and loss in my lifetime, but it is still crazy to think that someone who joined at the same time as me is now gone forever...

    I hope that his good friends and family will be able to make it through these hard times and remember him for all the good he's done, and how he had such a meaningful impact on this server and those around him.


    If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.
    —James O’Barr
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  3. I just seen him on the other day too. Rest in peace. My sympathies.
  4. Zulma

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    Even though we weren't close as much as he was with most people, I still teared up. Its crazy how you can be playing online with a friend one day and the next, they're gone. I love you all, even if we aren't the closest. Rest In Peace. You will be missed. :(
  5. I dont even know what to say. I am so sorry for your loss and everyone else affected. I personally didnt know him very well. My heart breaks for any loss of life though, especially from one so young. He was a player on safe for quite some time and as such I'm sure he made many friends, I also support that there should be some form of memorial.
  6. Wow. Nothing to say.. I will surely miss him
  7. Shazepe

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    Dear friends,

    It is with enormous grief that we received this terrible news. Kydog was an honest man and a good friend of everyone. He'll be truly missed by this community. No matter what your religious beliefs are, let us all pray, send positive energies or good wishes to our friend's family.

    Staff will be acquiring information and details about the incident, and reaching out to his beloved ones.

    If you knew personal information about K., please do not reveal it. In honor of his memory and in respect to his family, please do not share personal data such as name, location of residence and details about the circumstances of the incident.

    I've redacted such information from the comments already posted.

    Our sincerest condolences,
    Safe Survival Staff.
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    I personally have talked to Kydog a few times, and I truly don't know what to say. I had just talked to him in pms not even 2 days ago and now he's gone. Although, I was never that close with him this truely upsets me. He was a great person and he will be truly missed as a player on safe and as a friend. I'm deeply saddened by this news and I wish I could talk to him one last time, and I truly support the making of a memorial. My sympathies go out to his families and friends and to anyone who knew him personally.
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  9. Never interacted with Ky ingame, but I must say he seemed like a nice guy. It's sad to hear he died. Great character that changed the SS community. Sympathies to his family and friends.

    See you in the stars, Ky.
  10. I will truly miss a good friend like Kydog... Rest in peace, good friend to us all..
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  11. I've gotten to a stage in life where my comtemporaries are starting to fade away, so I guess the shock doesn't hit me quite that hard these days. Even so, when it comes in such an unexpected and unanticipated manner, it can still leave quite a dent in your aura.

    What is there to do but gather one's memories of a fallen fellow traveler, and dwell on the fun and adventure we encountered in our humble shared reality on the server? I didn't know him outside of this virtual existence - didn't even know his name irl, but I enjoyed our occasional redstone consultations and loved watching him in the spleef arena. Seems a weak summation for a man's life, but I'm sorry to say that's all I've got.

    I hope he finds his next reality worthy of him.
  12. sard

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    the loss of someone close to us is never easy. please accept our condolences.
  13. Amrou Kithkin

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    I am so sorry for your loss, Kydog was a valued member of the server and he will be missed.
  14. Im sorry for your loss and I hope you recover swiftly :). For a memoriala maybe schaum could incorporated his spawn village into the admin claim? Just a thought

    Hope I get better soon <3
  15. Kydog will truly be missed :(

    Rest in peace buddy.
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  16. OMG i....i...... as some of you may or not know Kydog was kinda like one of my best friends on the server i may not remember many moments we had on the server but i always loved when he was on he was kinda like me but slightly less super hiper hyped about everything. I only got the news the moment i check the forums and saw this thread at 1st i thought it was just a way for Kydog to get something for him but when i started reading i realised it was something for him due to you all know the reason why. Im not a person that gets shocked that easly but i literally got blown back when i read that Kydogness as passed ;(

  17. I'm sorrowful to hear of Kydog's passing. He will be greatly missed and my heart goes out to his family and friends. :(
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  18. That's not something that needs to be said unless to good friends on a private matter. Please respect.

    If anyone has pictures of him ingame, Please post. Would mean alot.
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  19. Thanks for not inquiring about personal details. I have removed those items that were of concern to friends. Thanks.
  20. judejl

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    Thank you all for your well wishes and condolences, he will be missed.
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