Maxed Netherite Brave Ark

Discussion in 'Selling' started by Stakar, Sep 4, 2020.

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  2. What is a Brave Ark?
  3. It's a special sword that's really powerful. It originally is a dia sword but netherite upgrade. I think its a rank reward
  4. What are the enchantments?
  5. Just wondering, how much?
  6. I would guess like 6 stacks of DB
  7. nah a normal one goes for 25-40 db and the netherite so I would say like 45-50 db
  8. Oh right I must be thinking of a different one
  9. if a normal one goes for 25-40, then netherite on should be 27-42, netherite is worth maybe 2 db, so an upgrade to netherite isn't worth another 10-25 db
  10. I suppose that marketing would be more like 28-43, as people often would charge more for the convenience of it.
  11. hey! i’m so sorry for not replying to this thread, it was totally my fault. its totally maxed out, i just added the missing enchants on top of the ones it comes with. mending, sweeping edge, fire aspect, etc, were added on. i’d be willing to sell it for someone who comes up with a fair price!
  12. It's fine, Stakar

    Maybe a stack?
  13. How much damage does it do?
  14. 6, but what it lacks in damage it makes up for in attack speed

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