March Build Comp 2021!

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  1. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    It's already almost March, wow! Guess it's time for a build competition!

    Event Staff is happy to announce that we are hosting another building competition this March! It will be very similar to last year's March Build Competition, at the same site as before (You can normally get to the build competition area by pressing a button at the event center; however we have temporarily removed the button to prepare). It will start slightly later in the month to make sure that there is sufficient time for people to sign up.

    Signups are open starting today and end on March 3rd at 11:59 PM EST. The competition itself starts on March 4th at 12:00 AM EST and ends on March 31st at 11:59 PM EST. Winners will be announced on the 10th of April.

    Teams for this build competition can range from one to three people. You can sign up in one of three different ways (only one is required):

    • Writing in a book and quill and dropping it off at spawn, at the signups station behind the Random Teleport button. The book must include IGNs of the team and be SIGNED.
    • Posting a comment to this thread here with the IGNs of all teammates.
    • Messaging an event staff member in-game or on Discord.

    The theme of this build competition is... Steampunk!! Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. Our judging criteria typically include theme execution, shape of each build, overall structure, material palette, wall detailing, roof design, interior, terraforming, and organics, but the criteria will be altered to fit this theme. Your entire build exterior and/or interior can not be copied from the internet. Small decorations may be copied, but will not add to the overall score.

    Each plot is 31x31 blocks. Flying is enabled inside the warp to help you with your building. You may build from the bedrock layer (10 blocks below ground level) all the way up to build height. Any player found to be building outside of their defined plot for the build comp will lose points on their build.

    After the winners are announced, everyone will be given trust on their plots once again to retrieve any wanted building materials from their own builds, if they'd like. Otherwise, the builds are subject to being taken down in preparation for the next build competition. All prizes are one set per team with the exception of the trophy heads.

    1st Place Prizes
    Unbreakable Gold Shovel
    Unbreakable Gold Axe
    Gold Trophy Head (One for each member of the team)
    Tropical Fish Egg
    Pillager Egg
    One staff item (from any of our current staff members) of the team's choice.
    48 Diamond Blocks
    120 XP Bottles

    2nd Place Prizes
    Unbreakable Gold Shovel
    Tropical Fish Egg
    Silver Trophy Head (One for each member of the team)
    32 Diamond Blocks
    60 XP Bottles

    3rd Place Prizes
    Bronze Trophy Head (One for each member of the team)
    16 Diamond Blocks
    30 XP Bottles
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  2. Yanso

    Yanso Villager

    IGN: SmolYanso
    Discord: Yanso#1111

    Good luck to everyone!
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. lolbenz

    lolbenz Villager

    IGN: lolbenz
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  5. IGN: Falcon_Flight_XL
    Discord: FalconXL#4820
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  6. Hollarious

    Hollarious Villager

    IGN: Hollarious
    Discord: Hollarious#6850

    Best of luck to everyone! :D
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  7. SmolRin

    SmolRin Veteran

    Ign: SmolRin
    Discord: Rin.#1014

    Ign: Rubeanator
    Discord: Ruben#0752

    Ign: Oh_yeah_MrKrabs
    Discord: Bird#8119
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  8. seagull

    seagull Recruit

    Discord: seagull#9867
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  9. IGN: SmolIce
    Discord: Ice_breaker97#0570
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  10. IGN: lemkudo
    Discord: sqweahk#1643
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  11. jinnie

    jinnie Recruit

    ign: jinnuwu
    discord: jinn#0325

    ign: Roscumber
    discord: Roscumber#0465
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    IGN: I4mThisGuy
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  13. Fauthl13
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  14. Glitch

    Glitch Villager

    IGN: GlitchGirl_
    Discord: GlitchGirl#8753

    Good luck everyone!
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  15. AHirMcK01

    AHirMcK01 Villager

    IGN: InevitablyHam
    Discord: AHirMck01#0578

    GL y'all!
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  16. KingConn

    KingConn Villager

    IGN: KingConn_
    Discord: KingConn#9821
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  17. Nik Knight

    Nik Knight Villager

    IGN: Knight_Byte
    Discord: Nik δΉ‘ Knight#0013

    IGN: Tbspeler
    Discord: Timo#7613

    IGN: Sibel98
    Discord: Sibel98#0279
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  18. IGN: HerrGoose
    Discord: Herr Goose#9751

    IGN Dweebss
    Discord: Dweebs#4597

    IGN: Ozzy_Vda
    Discord: Ozzy#7681
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  19. Signed up in-game with Ice and Yanso
    Good luck to everyone!
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  20. Enelis

    Enelis Event Staff Event Staff

    Hey everyone!!! The results are in!! :D

    I would like to personally thank everyone for taking the time to participate in this build competition!! Everyone who has created a significant build will get a special player head as a participation prize!! It will either be given to you while you are online or it will be placed in your inventory as soon as we get those.

    Now for the results!! Drum roll please..

    In first place... we have....
    arsonistjinn and rosbur!!!!! CONGRATS!

    In second place, we have....
    INFlNITY and I4mThisGuy!!!!! CONGRATS!

    And in third place, we have....
    Oh_Yeah_MrKrabs, PostApocalypse, and Rubeanator!!!!! CONGRATS!

    All of the winning teams can have time to discuss who gets what prizes before getting them. Each of you gets a trophy head, but the rest are as listed in the forum post as is.

    Thanks everyone! Have a great rest of your weekend!!!
    - Event Staff
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